Just a Regular Day

I don’t have any new knitting pictures, but that’s ok because I still have a lot going on. I will say, I have been diligently working on my Bed Jacket from “Knitting Lingerie Style” and I’m already ready to finish the back. It seems that the work is really in the edging, so the fronts won’t take very long either. Yay!

I’ve been working on my blue Swarovski Crystal necklace as well, but I ran out of 8mm bicones and both colors of the rounded crystals. So I’ll be going to the LBS, (Local Bead Store), and buy some more. I think I ran out because I am making my strands longer. I love the design, but there were no instructions. And there were no quantities on the materials list. So we just had to guess. I found this at Absolute Crystal Components and fell in love with Multistrand Golden Copper Bracelet. A plus is that they have some pretty damn good prices for crystals and findings compared to many other shops. I’ll price the stuff at the LBS today and see how much they would be. I could totally go for a few of these bracelets in different colors.

Other updates. Well I changed my email address. Long story short, I just needed a new email and I need some extra privacy. That said, I deleted my previous email and forgot to change over the contacts. So, if you want/need my email, leave me a comment and I will get back to you a.s.a.p. I’ve also had to change my Esty but I haven’t set up the new one, so I’ll get to you about that later. If you need a custom order, give me a jingle and I will do invoices through PayPal.

I picked up our artificial tree yesterday as well and it’s had me in such a holiday mood lately. Last night Shawn put it together, (though we didn’t decorate it yet – we will do that this weekend), and I got comfy on the couch in my pj’s with my knitting and a cup of hot chocolate. I even listened to the “Holiday Sounds” channel on cable. We chose a fake tree for a few reasons. Most important being that last year Shawn spent $90 on a 7 ft. tree that ruined our carpet. Not only that, but the guy who put the tree on top of the car had scratched the car with the tree stand. This is easier and more economical.

Saturday, Jem has a Holiday Party at his school. The PTA is doing the fundraising and is offering breakfast. They are supposed to have snow for the kids to play in, but supposedly it’s going to rain so they aren’t sure what will happen with that. Anyway, it’s a fun thing for Jem to do. Afterwards we are going to buy our Gingerbread House kit, (no, I don’t bake gingerbread…too much work), and decorate that. We talked about going to the mall to see Santa, (for Scout). Scout and I had lunch at the mall yesterday and she got to see him, but not take pictures with him. (They wanted $20 for two 3 x 5’s!!! Can you say insane!)

Other than that, life has been…well, life. We are busy, as always. Now that the holidays have crept up on us, we have a lot to do. Scout’s first birthday is in 15 days! I can’t believe it. She won’t be staying this little forever:


4 thoughts on “Just a Regular Day

  1. girl, you know my email, send me your new one! Don’t make me have to come to CA and hunt you down…wait. that’s not a bad thing for me….I’ll just bring Isaac with me!

  2. What an absolute angel. And you are right, she won’t stay that small for long.

    We use an artificial tree that I have had for almost 25 years. It is convenient and safer with the cats. They have an affinity for wanting to climb in a real one.

    Can’t wait for the Etsy to be back….

    Have a great weekend!

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