Moving Along

I’ve been color working along on the Endpaper Mitts and I am happy to say that I’m quite pleased, (sorry to be so redundant):



I am already working the increases and in a few rows I’ll be able to work the rest of the palm and ribbing. They are a bit tighter than I’d like, but I’m convinced if I knit them on US 3’s, they’d be too loose. I’m hoping once they are off the needles they will be a tad bit looser than they are now.

I’ve also been on a card kick lately:


I really need to start working on Shawn’s album, but it’s tough to spread out with the kids around. Especially Scout. She has to touch everything.

Other than that, I have been looking for some new recipes cause I’m sick of making the same things for dinner. It’s too monotonous. So look at what I discovered at the local libary:


An entire book about Pot Pies! YumO!

Can’t beat that!


Frustration Quelled

Yes, my frustration has been quelled a bit.

I passed the Italian Tubular Cast On for the Enpaper Mitts and started the colorwork last night. It’s been a very long time since I’ve done intarsia. (And though I’ve been knitting for years, I still haven’t done any Fair Isle.) The last intarsia work I did was a blue and green striped sweater with a tiger in the middle for Jem. He wore it twice.

But the Mitts aren’t too bad. It’s a lot of work, luckily it’s a small project. (And it’s in Koigu! Gotta love it!)


I should say that I’m happy with the colors too. I mean, they aren’t what I wanted but that’s what happens when you get the “colors vary from computer to computer”, you know?

Saturday, after dinner, I received a nice little package of handdyed yarn from Etsy:


I absolutely love it! It’s called “Pigs In Mud” by Sunnyside Ellen. This is why I ♥ Etsy. I also received some owl magnets, but I’ll save those for another post.

I’m … this close to having my Wee Kitty done and I can’t wait to share with you. I think she’s a hoot! Now if I could just focus on the Cobblestone Sweater for Shawn.