I certainly can not believe that it’s been two months since my last post. Time has travelled at lightning speed around here. Here I am all the same. I spent quite a bit of my time in the hospital trying to get my head straight. I am still going to my ECT treatments weekly. The upside was that for a while I really was feeling a bit better. The downside is that last week that high turned into quite a low and I may have to be hospitalized again. That has yet to be determined.

Another downside is that I’ve had some severe memory loss, (maybe that’s why time seems to go by so quickly, I just can’t remember it). My phone number eludes me. I repeat the same question over and over because I simply can’t remember asking the first time around. I forget the names of movies, (which is fairly traumatic since I’m a total movie buff and I used to be so sharp), and books. I imagine this is what Alzheimer’s feels like only I’m aware that I am losing my memories.

But here I am, all the same. So what has been going on?

SundaraBurntCaramelSundara Collection: Burnt Caramel

PeytonAfter saving all of my pennies I finally got a new Blythe. Her name is Peyton and she’s a Sunshine Holiday.

PfeifferFalls2Once or twice I’ve picked up my Pfeiffer Falls, (from last Winter’s Interweave Knits), and knit a few rows.

BunnySuckerScout is still as cute as can be. She’s just a bit smarter than before.

What else?

* Dalton is very ill I’m afraid. He’s lost a considerable amount of weight. When he hunches over to drink water or eat his kibble you can see that he’s turning into a bag of bones which is completely abnormal for my Fatty McFat Fat cat. Oh how I ♥ him.

* Jem turned 11 yesterday. Eleven. I have a tween on my hands.

* Shawn’s hours have been cut so now he has Fridays off. Financially it’s hurt us, but I have to admit that it’s nice to have him around more often. He’s been a great help during my ECT treatments.

* I am trying to get back on track with my swaps but I tell you, when you lose your memory it’s hard to remember why someone sent you a package in the first place! Slowly I’m getting my *hit together though.

* While I was in the hospital I was able to see an orthopedist. They did X-rays and a DEXA Scan, (which is to rule out osteoporosis). My DEXA Scan came out fine, however, my X-rays did not. I broke my ankle when I was sixteen and then again when I was 22. My foot was not set correctly and I had an array of  problems after the second fracture. The X-rays show that there is still a fracture. I’ve been told that I could have surgery to reset it but I am going to wait until after summer. No reason to be sitting in a cast in this nasty weather. The weather’s gotten so bad that I broke out in a heat rast under my arms! I think that’s enough discomfort for one season.

* Shawn and I have been dieting for the past three weeks. Even though I eat healthier than he does he’s lost more weight than I have. It doesn’t help that the previous medications I took all had weight gain as a “risk”. But we are doing fairly well. I’m very proud that he’s been sticking to it.

That’s all I can really think of for now. Not much in the sense of knitting or crafting. I am going to be dedicating this Fourth of July weekend to getting all of my sewing and knit projects out of the way. It’s time to start fresh!

Til then.


Oh Happy Day!

Last week I ordered my Blythe doll. My other Blythe doll. You see, I was impatient, (not unusual), and I wanted to buy a Blythe doll. Because two is better than one, right? I bought and paid for it on Friday from one of the stores in Japan, (because it’s extremely hard to find Blythes in the US). I was disappointed when the mailman knocked on the door and had a package that wasn’t for me – it was Shawn’s Christmas present. So imagine my suprise when a different mailman came with a special delivery this morning! When I saw the Japanese custom forms I knew.

My new girl came home!

She is a Cinnamon Girl Blythe. I named her Bailey. Sitting next to her is Linkin.

Life is good.

I also want to confess something to you. I lied. I haven’t done much resting. The fact is that I had to clean the slight stains dirty, black stains from the carpet. My carpet literally looked like a giraffe with all the spots. I hate apartment carpeting. Who can keep a beige carpet clean? Especially with two kids and a dirty husband, (he never takes his work boots off when he comes home).

So I cleaned. But then I got in the housecleaning spirit and did the windows. Then I did all the dishes and put everything in it’s place. And then there was laundry! Lots of it. And everything ended up getting done. I even had time to work on the quilt that is late getting to it’s home.

I had to pick up a little extra fabric for the binding. Today I have to pick up the batting. The LQS didn’t have any for two weeks. Their shipment arrived Monday so I have to get my butt over there before they sell everything that was just shipped.

I didn’t get much done once the baby woke up from her nap, so I just switched projects and worked on my socks.

I finished the heel but had a few false starts on the leg. The markings changed and I was confused, but finally had a eureka! moment last night. Not sure how long I’ll make these since I like shorter ones, but the pattern is awfully pretty. I love Cookie A. !

Not much else happening except I still feel pretty crappy. Class on Monday was excellent. We listened to Edith Piaf in class, (if you don’t know who she is just Google her). She has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. Tonight we’ll prepare for next week’s exam. I didn’t do as well on my second exam though she said a lot of people failed that test – luckily we can throw one exam grade out.

I also did a little bit of clothes shopping and I found the cutest thermal for Scout, (I wish they used that print for adults, cause I’d buy like 10).

Me likey!

Walking Zombie

That’s how I feel right now.

It started Thursday night. Shawn and I drove to Knott’s Berry Farm out in Buena Park. They were having a Scion night and the first 2,000 Scions would get free tickets for everyone in their car. They were insanely busy. But even after driving for 2 1/2 hours we seemed to have been to 2,001 car, (not really), we had to drive home. We’d gotten there at 7:30 and they were already denying people entrance. Supposedly they were giving out tickets at 7 p.m. but I think there was a snafu and tickets were given out earlier. Oh well. We ended up cruising to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Pasadena. Chicken and waffles. They really do go together.

But by 5 a.m. I wasn’t feeling right. Needless to say that it was so bad that Shawn had to take the day off to take care of Scout because I was too sick. I slept most of the day. Of course, I insist we still go shopping and out for the night on Saturday. I tried to be a trooper even though my chest was hurting and my knees were weak. I made it to the showing at Valley of the Dolls after almost losing a babysitter, (my mom got stuck near the freeway and couldn’t restart her car, luckily it eventually started), and some misdirection, (Mapquest isn’t always the most reliable source when it comes to directions).

In instant cure in my spirits:

Bow Wow Trad Blythe! Shawn got my early, early birthday gift, (as in my birthday isn’t until Thanksgiving this year). But I ♥ her so much. I don’t know what her name will be yet but oh the plans I have for her!

We ended the night with a delicious dinner from Buca di Beppo that we couldn’t finish, (yummy leftovers though), and seeing Saw V. I have to say that this movie left a lot of questions for a movie that was dubbed “the final” of sequels. But it was good. Not great, but good. What left me very disappointed was there was a preview for the remake of “Friday the 13th”. Now this is one of my favorite horror flicks and it saddens me that people are ripping off the original. Not only that, the whole Jason phenomenon is over. As in “over six sequels ago” over.

By the time we got home, at 12:30 a.m., I was done. But we promised to take the kids to the LA Zoo for their Boo at the Zoo. Nothing but problems. Our drinks were solidly frozen. My batteries in the camera died. Scout was so tired from the day that she decided to fuss most of the time. I bought batteries but they only had two! I felt like this at the end of the day:

It didn’t help that were thousands of people going in and out of the zoo throughout the day. People should get licenses to manuever strollers! Shawn had enough and snapped at me. It was just one of those days where we were all trying too hard to have fun.

So the rest of the weekend was spent working on this:

Baudelaire by Cookie A using Sundara Sock in Glacier.

After all this I learned I have walking pneumonia. It’s like “Night of the Living Dead” around here. I’m trying to work through it because there is always so much to do. How four people live in chaos I can’t explain. Right now I’m mostly concerned with cleaning, a deep cleaning, before the holidays approach. I promise to take it easy. Easier.


I have a current obsession with Blythe Dolls. The past few weeks I’ve seen them, so I don’t know if it’s just a tend that happened to grow and cause a peak in my interest. But I’ve been on Flickr, Etsy, Ebay and every doll/collectible store checking out the different creepy bug eyed dolls, (who I admit are cute and Shawn says are “scary). People sew for them, they knit for them and they give them “makeovers”. There are Vampire Blythes, Pirate Blythes, Rockabilly Blythes, Retro Blythes. I think my eyes will bug out of my head, like the notorious little doll if I don’t get one soon.

I had a dip in my depression for about two weeks, on top of not feeling well, and these little Blythe creatures helped me pull out of it. It’s sparked interest and a bit of creativity. I’m using that energy for the good. (As in, my carpets are now clean.) Shawn said he’ll buy me my own little girl in two weeks. I have two very long weeks to decide which doll I want and what I’ll do with her. Of course, I’ve got a list the length of a football field of what I’d like.

How can you not help but become uber thoughtful on the subject after seeing them?

1. new lips and blush, 2. Untitled, 3. alluring ari, 4. Commission custom makeup, 5. Powwow Poncho – New Dress, 6. Seraphine1, 7. Vivian, 8. Alpaca Mohair Rerooted MML for Adoption, 9. Red Madness ( 1 hour left , ebay), 10. Lilac cupcake Set, 11. Strike!!, 12. Mohair girl – Custom Comission, 13. Pinks, 14. Lucy Leopard, 15. PISTACHE – custom blythe-, 16. I will miss u!

These are all customized and they are all completely gorgeous!

And the kicker? There’s a shop in the L.A. area that is stocked with these little beauties. I get my tax rebate back next week, so you know what I’m thinking, right?

Danger, danger, danger ahead!