All In A Day’s Work

I got a lot done when the internet was done, (server somewhere went down and we were without internet for the past two days), and having the flu, (again, though not as bad as the first time in November). In between the boredom and chills I decided to whip up a little something for my greedy little self the house.


The reason she looks so unhappy is that I was watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and we both got a little sad when poor Charlie Brown was misunderstood with his pathetic delightful and unique Christmas tree for the pageant.

So serious, she is.


But she’s a sweetheart.

Crafting and Creativity

Like me crafting may be your biggest creative outlet. There are so many mediums out there and likeAux Petits Oiseaux you may get a lot of your inspiration from blogs and Etsy. I know that reading many of the great blogs out there that I’ve learned new techniques to old standbys.

* Like the tubular cast on and cast off that My Fashionable Life so kindly made a tutorial for. I used it for the pair of Endpaper Mitts that I am currently working on.

* Or how about a colorful and creative Scrappy Cartwheels Quilt that I happened to see on Sew, Mama, Sew! blog during March’s National Quilting Month. (I didn’t even know that there was a National Quilting Month, did you?)

* If you browse Etsy you will find a vast amount of artists out there who can make you a doll quilt, a fashionable dress, a hand carved rubber stamp, some beautifully handdyed rovings, or many different knit or crochet patterns for adding little creatures to your family.

It only makes me want to go out there, do more and learn more. Maybe even teach more?

It’s been causing a crafting spiral in my life. With Scout being such a big girl now, finding more “me” time has all but diminished, (even in those late insomniatic hours). But sometimes you have to put your big girl panties on and just rough it out. (While I don’t encourage you to have your rotary cutter or dressmaker’s scissors laying out, I do encourage you to get while the gettin’ is good!)

In my case, I am still doing the finishing touches on this months swaps. I will say that I have, indeed, learned my lesson. I have taken it easy on the small swaps and made sure to spread them out over time. I am seeing lots of aprons in my future! *smile* Why stop a good thing? Last night Shawn and I watched “Dexter” – again. For. five. hours. The show is great. By 11 I was ready to go to bed, but I had to see the season finale for the first season. I just had to. And while I did I blocked the horribly wrong left front of my Central Park Hoodie that is a measly 8 rows too long. (I’m still debating on if I want to try to baste it together and see what happens? Or just frog out 8″ long inches of the shaped and cabled front? I’ve been stressed to say the least.) It looks quite lovely blocked, so there just might be a chance that I can wing it. I’ve taken bigger risks with my knitting before, haven’t we all?

I also made my little penguin stuffie, his name is Otis:

He was made with some felt, cotton fiberfill, and thread. Our challenge was to make a bird stuffie. My original idea was to make an owl. I ♥ owls. But then maybe someone out there doesn’t like or want an owl? (Why that would be I don’t know.) So I made Otis. Tomorrow morning he will begin his long journey to his good home in Israel.

I also had a chance to work on my doll quilt, (I chose this swap because it would really help me with my beginning quilter’s skills, I still need to add the binding so I can only give you a sneak peek):

The fabrics I bought from the quilt shop during their Fat Quarter Frenzy sale. 25 for $25 doesn’t seem so bad, does it? (And yes, you had to buy 25 to get the $1 discount.) I’m happy to say that my strips and rectangles all came out the right size when using the rotary cutter. My sewing machine needs to stay off limits to the sticky fingers in this house. It took me a lot of frustration and cursing bit of patience to get the tension just right – again.

Tonight’s agenda? Well I need to do some catching up on blogs. I’ve missed a great deal. Shawn and I will probably watch more “Dexter”, (Season 2 is on Showtime on Demand too!). After dinner, vegetarian lasagna and dessert, pumpkin pie custards, I plan on working on my sock design and the Central Park Hoodie. After all, reading all those great blogs out there will inspire me to focus a little bit more on my crafting. I. need. more. crafting. And so do you!