One Of Those Days

Today was just one of those days.

Where I woke up earlier than I desired, after a night of restless sleep. Where the weather was a little chillier than anticipated, yet not cold in the sense of the word. Where making lunch seemed quite futile and taxing.

Yes, it was one of those days.

But also a day where I can say I accomplished something.

Being ahead of schedule.

Being able to pat myself on the back.

Being able to get at least one thing done.


Just One Button Cardigan by Elinor Brown*

Yarn: Red Heart Eco Ways in Aquarium, approximately 1.75 skeins.

A very quick and easy knit. Something that I can see Scout wearing on her birthday, two months from tomorrow. When I was knitting this, I imagined her twirling around in a little white cotton dress. I imagine her being three. Two months and one day can make such a difference.

Now if I could just figure out what button to sew onto this little gem. Maybe choosing a button would make today not one of those days.

* Be sure to check errata on Elinor’s pattern page, I “accidentally” stumbled upon an error with the buttonhole. Nothing that you couldn’t figure out for yourselves.)


done, done, done, done, DONE

That’s right folks, Central Park Hoodie is D.O.N.E. Done. Fin.

I reworked the ribbing and ended up picking up 164 stitches. It worked out well though I’ve decided I will more than likely add buttons. My first one has no buttons, but this one is calling out for some cute wooden toggles.

After adjusting the ribbing the hood fits much better.

I’m very happy with this sweater. I will admit that I’m a little disappointed in the “extended sizing”. My first reasoning is that there are all types of body types. Just because someone can’t fit into a 36″ bust doesn’t mean that they need a sweater that fits like a tent. My bust size has always caused inconveniences when it comes to finding the right, flattering pattern. I expect this. I accept this. But rather than taking my own measurements and customizing it to suit my pear shaped body, I followed the pattern. I came up with a too big hood and too long sleeves, (good thing I can cuff the ribbing). The sweater fits my bust wonderfully though. I guess you give some and you lose some.

And that’s the end.

Specs are on Ravelry if you are interested. Next? I’m still working on the Pearl Buck and I just ordered the yarn for Snow White. But until I see that big bag in the post, I’ll be working on my Etsy purchases. Hopefully I can breeze through those because I have Christmas knitting that needs to get started. I knew I should have started last Christmas! Ho ho ho, indeed!

In the nick of time

Tomorrow is the big day and while I don’t anticipate having much time to knit, you’d better believe I will still be bringing a project or three with me. I’m happy to say that I have another finished object to share with you though. I’ve been using my nervous energy this week to work on my knitting and a little bit of sewing. As you already know I finished my tank and much to my delight I was accosted at the local Post Office by an elderly lady who asked if I had someone make the tank for me. I proudly announced, “No. I made it myself!” Clearly she was impressed. I am very proud of my work and even more so when someone out there recognizes how much time and love, (and money, let’s face it people), goes into my hard work. Nothing could bring be down, but for the anxiety I can’t shake in anticipation of my upcoming surgery. You have no idea how relieved I will be to have the surgery over and to be able to come home to my own bed in a few days. I do look forward to my four day hospital stay. It will be the most rest I’ve had following a hospital visit and, for that, I’m grateful.

Introducting Helena, modeled by the sophisticated and glamorous Scout, (if she won’t be a nun, she might be a model):


  • Helena from Knitty, Summer 2008
  • Yarn is Lana Grossa Elastico in a coral pink, approximately 450 yards used
  • Needle were US 6’s and 2’s for gauge
  • Mods: I did a 2×2 ribbing for the short sleeves and for the neck line. I didn’t add any ties or buttons. This was just something simple to throw over a shirt.
  • Dislikes: Sewing the hem. I’m not a hand sewer by any means. So that was a bit of a turn off but it gave the bottom of the sweater a pretty detail with the lace.

Scout seems quite enthralled with clothing and shoes, especially the hand knits. I will take that as a good sign and continue knitting for her until she says, “Mooooom, I don’t want anything handmade. That’s not cool.” Then I will crawl into a corner and what happened to my baby. Though, I have more faith that she will accept my handknits graciously, and happily, as compared to her brother. I only knit for him for about 5 years before making two sweaters he’s still never worn. * sigh *

Anyway, I decided to definitely work on Cookie A.’s Baudelaire Socks in some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn.  This was actually the first sock pattern out there that I saw and had to have even though I didn’t know how to knit socks quite yet. For some reason the pattern vanished from my mind and reappeared about two weeks ago. How I could have forgotten it’s beauty I don’t know. But I trust Cookie and her sock pattern skills, so it’s a must do!

I haven’t decided on what else to bring. I thought about taking my Vogue Cabled Sweater, (you know, the one I started two years ago?), but then I thought, “Do I really want to work on cables after stomach surgery?”. I would love to have this sweater done by this winter, but what was I thinking to have chosen an all cabled sweater? I swear! I’d really like to start another CPH, (Central Park Hoodie), in Cascade 220. They have the most delicious chocolate brown at the LYS that I put it on hold yesterday and am hoping Shawn will pick it up after work. I will do a larger size this time and I will make the sweater at least 1 1/2″ – 2″ longer. I think the cables would look wonderful in the brown. But then there are so many other simple sweaters that I’d like to start and have for my winter wardrobe. It’s so hard to choose. Then, of course, the new KnitScene will be out on the 22nd and if you haven’t checked out the preview you should because it’s superb. Decisions, decisions.

Anyway, farewell my good friends. I wanted to say thank you to many of you for your private emails and your comments regarding my surgery. I’ve had a very rough time with this decision and dealing with the anxiety. Unfortunately I don’t have much support from my real life friends because they are so busy with work and family. Somehow, though, my blog buddies lift me up and remind me of what great people are out there in the world. If you all lived nearby I’d throw you a party. But since most of you live quite far, you’ll have to accept my gift of a cyber card:

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words, your support and your understanding.

And morbid as it may be, I have left a “will”, (not quite official). A few of you are named in there. Mainly because I don’t think Shawn would even know what to do with all of my yarn or fabric. But don’t worry, I’m not giving up that easy! I still have some Sundara and Noro to knit up.

Til next week.


Cardigan, that is.

I’ve been working on this every night for the past three or four nights. Just one Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky skein at a time. Not much yardage to each soft ball, about 77 yards I believe. But I feel a twinge of accomplishment when I finish each skein. It will be finished over the weekend and off to it’s rightful owner by Monday.

Here’s 4 balls progress:

Right now I’m into the 5th ball of yarn and working on the back. It’s a quick knit on 11’s and chunky yarn. And it’s remarkably lightweight. The only disappointment in the pattern is that it’s sizing is only for size Small, (in which you would need a 34-35″ bust). I would love to make this pattern for myself but I see a lot of substituting of numbers. I can’t imagine going up to a size 13 needle to make this cute little cardigan fit. In fact, truth be told I don’t really care for large needles. Insane I know. My preference is to work with 6’s. Us 9’s are usually my limit. I don’t really like working with chunky yarns either. Add one more point to my insanity card. My personal preference is to work with yarns that have recommended gauges on 5-7 needles. Chunky yarn and big needles = cheating. To me at least. I suppose that makes me much more of a process knitter than a project knitter because I’m not all about finishing it and wearing it 24 hours from cast on. All the same, I enjoy working with this pattern and yarn, (who doesn’t love working with anything Debbie Bliss?).

Anyway, I’m off to get my beauty rest. I have had a persistent migraine since last weekend and pretty much everything, and anything, I try to do only causes more pain. Shawn took tomorrow off and we are supposed to take a trip to the zoo, but the way I feel…well all I can say is Shalom.