friend of ours in the church is expecting. twins! no less. so i just had to make something for these two little girls that will be coming into our world soon. i haven’t had as much knitting time as i would like lately, but i managed to knit a pair of booties for one of the babies. just one more set to go.

{ itty bitty baby booties in madelinetosh dk colorway: candlewick }



Last night Shawn and I were having a discussion about how Christmas really isn’t as much fun as it used to be. The holidays are much different for me as an adult as compared to being a child. And hugely different from being an adult as compared to being a child who still believed in old Saint Nick. The most stress I experienced, as a child, was figuring out what to tell Santa I wanted. My list changed daily weekly. The proverbial pony was always at the top of my list. So was a piano and a turtle. Santa must have put me on his naughty list because I never did get a pony, piano or turtle.

But things have changed. Commercialism is alive and kicking. Jem and Scout both find themselves glued to the bright colors on TV. A commercial describing the newest and best toys. Forget that they will play with them for five minutes and then all is lost. Or better yet, the boxes and wrapping paper will bring much more joy to Scout than what was in the box.

So this year we are doing a small Christmas. A Christmas about being with family and friends. A Christmas about baking, (and even eating), cookies, peanut brittle and Chex Mix. A Christmas about making gifts that will last longer than any other store bought toy. A Christmas where hot chocolate is dessert nearly every night. A Christmas where we sit together, crowded on the couch under blankets, watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” or “A Scooby Doo Christmas”, (more of the latter than the former as it happens). A Christmas about turning on the little colored lights and watching people’s faces aglow. A Christmas where our cards are already sent. A Christmas where the tree is trimmed and stockings have already been hung.

A Christmas where I can look at my window and appreciate every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and stitch that I put into it.

A chaotic mess:

A chronological materpiece, in my humble opinion of course.

I am . that close to being done with the knit presents. In fact, I’m so close that I decided to add a couple smaller things for the kids. But you’ll just have to wait, just like them.

Done, Done, Done


Wrapping things up feels so good. I feel so accomplished. I should be received a Gold Medal any day now.

I’ve made some adjustments in my life.

  • Spend less time on the computer. Check.
  • Watch less television. Check.
  • Spend more time reading the books in my library queue. Check.
  • Stick to my Slim Fast diet. Check.
  • Go outside more often. Check.
  • Write in my journal more often. Check.
  • Finish up all those WIP’s. Almost check.

Yes. Almost.

Project #1: Slow going. (No pun intended.)

Sheldon the Turtle

Yarn: KnitPicks Green Apple and Grass

Needles: US 3’s and 4’s, Crochet Hook US C

Notions: 8mm black safety eyes

Project #2: The stashbuster.

Feather Cable Cowl

Yarn: Karabella Margrite, I only had one skein of this but wanted to use it for something. I ended up doing 6 repeats of the pattern instead of 8 repeats.

Project #3: A gift.

Pattern: Baby Chalice Blanket

Yarn: Red Heart Eco Ways in Aquarium, took about three skeins to get a blanket that measures approximately 34 x 38.

Now I can get back to my regularly sheduled program. Cause I am done.


Last week, while perusing yarn stashes on Ravelry, I found two skeins of Noro for a new hat, Phoncible to be exact. I’m not really a hat wearing type of gal. I don’t look too great in hats except maybe a cowboy hat. No, really. I look great wearing cowboy hats. But there was something about the playful colors and striping that snared me. And having a wool hat for the cold weather wasn’t a bad reason to start this either, know what I mean? (Anything to justify casting on something new.)

So without further ado,

Phoncible by Presentsknits

Yarn: Noro Kureyon, 2 skeins (dye lot numbers 152 and 184)

Needles: US 7 (16″ circulars and DPN’s)

Mods: I cast on 112 instead of 100  (to fit a 23″ circumference). I also started decreasing over 110 sts instead of starting at 100. This makes for a roomier hat, especially if you have a big head or lots of hair.


Personally, I think Scout looks much cuter trying it on.


Then again I think she’s cute no matter what she does. Don’t you?


I learned a long time ago that the color yellow represents hope. Hope and Friendship. I think those are admirable qualities to have. And I think they are the perfect qualities to have for a pair of socks that are going to a friend.


Rosamond Socks

Sundara Sock Yarn in Daffodil

US 2 Needles

Stats: Knit 7 leg repeats before knitting heel flap, continued with another 8 repeats for a size 9 foot.

In Just a Few Days

This weekend was the epitome of rest and relaxation.

I needed this time to lay my head on the soft feather pillows. To curl up into fetal position and wrap myself in the warmth of a down comforter. I took my time washing dishes, letting the hot soapy bubbles comfort my hands. I made banana bread that vanished within hours. A thick warm slab with margarine and sweet orange honey bought from the local beekeepers. I washed laundry and inhaled the sweet scent of detergent. I folded each piece so caringly for each person that would later wear the item. I bleached the floors and rid the many steps we had taken over the past few weeks, a new floor. Maybe a new beginning. And we all took the time to look for Marilyn who has been missing from both our hearts and our home the past four days. Dalton seems content though. He curls into a ball in the middle of our bed. Sometimes you can see the slight twitch of his ear or the whip of his tail. He sleeps hard through this new silence.

I even took time to browse through a couple of knit magazines, thanks to Shawn’s generosity. One left me utterly disappointed. The other left me completely inspired. I had the opportunity to browse through endless patterns in pattern books at the local fabric shop. I was searching for the absolutely perfect Spring dress for Scout. I think I found it. I also browsed the internet looking for the perfect shade of yarn for a sweater that I hope will wrap me in warmth and reverie.

I’m finding that I am enjoying the weekends more as compared to before when they were draining and filled with all these things that needed to be done. I no longer write a list of twenty or thirty things to do. I follow a routine. My bed is always made, the corners aligned perfectly. The pillows fluffed and placed with precision. I no longer dread washing dishes but enjoy the moments where I can look out the kitchen window and see sparrows chasing each other in the cold winter breeze. I enjoy taking out the trash for the moment I hit the crisp air I can breathe in something new, something different, something clean.

I’m not a new person by all means. I just see things in a different light. Or maybe I had seen them all along but forgot how to project them. But I never forget how to share my knitting. My knitting is a reflection of me, of what I do with my spare time. I wrap and turn and pick up and put down so often and yet I can only share the finished project. I can only show you the beauty of what I do and not how I do it. Every day is both the same and yet, somehow, different.




Nutkin Socks Ravelry’d here

Sundara Sock Next Kiss on US 3 needles