Three seems to be the inevitable age of precious, pink cheeked, cooing babies turning into monstrous, out of control, I’m-gonna-hold-my-breath-until-I-pass-out toddlers. Ah, these will be the years to remember.

Ever since coming home with only a three-quarter finished dress I’ve gotten nothing but grief from my precocious (and questioning) little angel. I suppose the “gimme now” concept is something I’ve instilled upon her. After all, I can’t take credit for being patient. I’m the meaning of impatient.

And I guess that’s a good thing.

I’ve had quite a bit of a good thing lately. And that feels, well, good.

{She was saying “I miss Gramma”.}

{“I love daddy”.}

{“Easter Bunny, gimme chocolate.”}

Yeah. It’s all good.


Where’ve You Been?

If I wanted to lie to you (and I would never do that) I would tell you that I’ve been travelling Europe. Or maybe I took an extended vacation and just forgot to put up the “Gone Fishin'” sign. The truth is that life has a way of creating chaos just when you think you’ve gotten things in order.

School has been going along just fine. We are well into our fifth week and I had my first real exam for Western Civilization yesterday. I wrote about 3 1/2 pages for two essay questions and ended up leaving that class early. Only to sit in the cold winds, waiting on a bench, catching up for next weeks History reading. Who knew there’d be so much reading? (Chuckles.)

And, true to my word, I’ve been hanging in there when it comes to the gym. I’ve had five personal training sessions and guess what? Since mid-January I’ve lost a whopping fourteen pounds! There, I said it. Fourteen. And it feels great. Though the downside is that all the clothes I recently bought are already hanging a bit loose, especially in the waist and thighs. The upside is that I’ll just have to force myself to buy some new clothes soon. (Insert evil laugh.)

I am also continuing my sewing classes. In fact, I finished a dress (for myself) two weeks ago but since our normally everything-is-so-lovely-type weather hasn’t been so lovely I haven’t had time to get any pictures of me in it. (Truth be told, today is the first time I’ve picked up my camera in a few weeks. I don’t know why.) Anyhow, for all you non believers out there, I do have a photo (a teaser if you will) of Scout’s Easter dress for this year. I just need to finish the neckline and hem the ruffle. I might even add a black satin bow to it (because everyone in my sewing class told me it would be “sew cute”, get it?).

My knitting has been quite minimal, which I guess could be an indication to the name of my pattern: The Minimalist Cardigan. I haven’t had as much free time as I thought I would. You wouldn’t believe how busy three college classs can really make you. I’m proud to say, though, that I am working on my second sleeve and I’m really looking forward to start the finishing. My Ravelry queue is looking rather dreary. My yarn bins are starting to flood over into the rest of the closet. (Sshhh, don’t tell Shawn. He might think I don’t need yarn.)

But don’t worry, life isn’t all homework, twelve page papers, studying til 2 a.m., and running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I am currently working on two swaps, one for embroidery and another for Easter. I am also finding my place at the embroidery shop (I even went so far as to buy my second canvas though I’m not done with my first). I’ve had a couple chances to catch up on my fully loaded DVR and watch some good old classics that TCM has been playing and we’ve watched a few horror flicks from Blockbuster.

And I’ve even made time to welcome this little guy to my new collection:

So that’s where I’ve been in my life. Everywhere and anywhere, you name it. But I’ll be back. Don’t you worry. I’ve got a lot in the works, behind the curtains.

Two Cool Cats

Meet Steve and Bob.

They are cats.

Cats of a different fur (or feather, if you will.)

That’s Bob the Cat. He has pretty blue eyes.

And this is Steve the Cat.

They are two cool kitties.

You, too,  can win yourself your own customized kitty by leaving a comment on this post. I will leave pick a winner on Thursday, January 28th. (Which, coincidentally, is Shawn’s 30th birthday!) Good luck!

Loss For Words

The past couple of days I’ve been at a loss for words. I’ve been waking up with these hideous headaches and absolutely no motivation to do anything. Of course, the dishes get washed and the laundry gets folded. But for the most part the wonderful wet rain has gotten me in a lazy mood.

It takes a little bit longer to wake up in the morning. I lay in bed, under cover, and listen to the drip, drip, drip of the rain as it hits the puddles outside our bedroom window.

I find that my afternoons have been filled with warming up in an oversized blanket and laying around the couch. I’ve even been known to fall asleep with Scout laying in my arms. Her light snoring is like a metronome. Spellbinding. Rythmic.

In the evenings I tend to come to life. It’s dinner time and the household is on edge. What will it be tonight? Chicken Parmigiano Strips with Spaghetti. Brown Butter and Balsamic Tortellini. Or maybe some Navy Bean Soup. It all depends.

And then for no known reason I’m off to bed at 8:30. I get back under cover and flick on the table lamp and I begin reading. Right now it’s Daphne. I slowly fall asleep thinking of Morgan and Luna, characters in a short story that I’ve been formulating.

Next thing I know it’s morning all over again.

But with this laziness comes a bit of a hidden depression. Maybe because the rain inhibits me from getting all the things done that I need to do. Like walk Rogue. She’s completely and utterly afraid of falling water. Or getting to the library to pick up some books for Scout (we read two to three at nap time and I’d completely ran out for three days straight). Or even getting to the grocery store because I completely forgot to buy some flat parsley.

Whatever it is I believe Shawn saw through it. So he treated me to a drive in the rain and I small shopping spree at the not so local LYS.

I’d decided to get some yarn for the Cedar Leaf Shawlette that I fell in love with. I mean, look at those little leaves!

{Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend}

I’d also perused the shop to see if there was anything I could do about substituting yarn for the Sabbatical Cardigan in this issue of Twist Collective. I didn’t quite find what I was looking for so I’m going to keep searching until I find the most perfect yarn for this gorgeous sweater. So instead, I decided on just one more skein of SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock because…well, because. I also snuck in a copy of the new KnitScene and the new Debbie Bliss Magazine because…well, again, because.

{SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock in Mist}

And just to prove to you that I haven’t been completely lazy, I have been using my sewing machine.

You’ll just have to wait to see what this is all about.

Til then: Stay Dry and Stay Warm.

All In A Day’s Work

I got a lot done when the internet was done, (server somewhere went down and we were without internet for the past two days), and having the flu, (again, though not as bad as the first time in November). In between the boredom and chills I decided to whip up a little something for my greedy little self the house.


The reason she looks so unhappy is that I was watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and we both got a little sad when poor Charlie Brown was misunderstood with his pathetic delightful and unique Christmas tree for the pageant.

So serious, she is.


But she’s a sweetheart.

Bag It Up

During last week’s Thanksgiving sales I took advantage of $6 per yard corduroy and 33% off your final purchase coupons. How could I not? I found this uber soft blue cord and a few yards of fabric here and there. I decided to buckle down and try my hand at sewing a zipper, among other techniques. Months ago I bought Sew Liberated’s Messenger Bag. Forget that I was hardly what you would call a “novice” at the sewing machine. Forget how easy I thought zippers could be.

But the cord called out and it was time to make this bag. With a little push from Meg herself and a zipper tutorial that she recommended, I was on my way. On day one I did cut all the pattern pieces and ironed on the interfacing. Then I took a day or two off because I could not understand the instructions for the zipper. On day two, (yesterday), I jumped in with both feet and did the sewing while Scout slept.

Success!!! I finished the bag during her two hour nap, (good thing she took a full nap, right).


That’s the front sans the button closure, (I still have to find the “right” button.)


The paisley fabric is by Marcus Brothers. The white is Kona cotton. The cord? Well it was a designer cut. I actually went back to buy more for a pair of pants, that’s how much I love the cord, but there wasn’t enough.

Anyway, getting over the beginning of the obstacle course proved the hardest. But once I got that zipper in the bag was a breeze. I absolutely love it. It’s perfect to take to French class. It’s perfect to use as a knitting bag. It’s perfect as an everyday throw-as-much-as-you-need-in-it type bag.

I’ll have to make another. Another six. One for each day of the week.

Don’t forget the contest.

Project Overload

I don’t know if it’s because the holidays are approaching so fastly but I feel like one of Santa’s not so little elves. There are stocking, advent calendars, ornaments. There will be candy making, Chex mix making, cookies to bake. There are turkey dinners with all the trimmings, pumpkin pies, dishes to clean. There are gifts to buy, packages to wrap, birthday cake to make. There is a never ending list of things to do that normally would get me depressed and lazy. I’d leave things to the last minute. Nevermind anything handmade.

But this year is somehow different. Maybe it’s because Scout is two and it’s time for the magic of the holidays to come and make her eyes shine with delight. Or maybe I’m finally ahead of the game and not as stressed as I normally would be if I left things to the last minute.

With each new ornament I’m inspired to make something new. In fact after making the gingerbread men using a cookie cutter as a template I realized I had another perfect cookie cutter that I could use. A Heart.


I made a blue and a red heart but I liked them so much that I want to do green, yellow and white. I’ll work on those this weekend.

Then last night I got an itch and decided to scratch it.

I decided to work on a double pointed needle cozy because my needles are everywhere they shouldn’t be.


I used Sandi Henderson’s Farmers Market line. I love the green apples and I love the red apples.


There was a lot of crafting last night. And there will be a lot today. In fact, I’m off to take a beading class in about 30 minutes. Four and a half hours of no children. Four and a half hours of counting tiny size 15 beads. Four and a half hours of a beautiful bracelet.

Oh yeah, I’m on overload and I’m loving every minute of it!