Three Years


It’s a big number when you are such a little girl.

We no longer live with a baby. We live with a three. year. old. little. girl.

Yes, three.

Three years of pink.

Three years of learning little girl talk.

Three years of chicken nuggets, mac & cheese and ice cream.

Three years of automatic horsey rides in front of the grocery store.

Three years of love, laughter, kisses and hugs.

Three years of being a little girl.

Happy three years of perfection Scout.



So now that I’m 29 I figured I’d make a list of 29 goals that I’d like to accomplish by the much dreaded 30th birthday. I think my 29th has been my last milestone. I do not wish to be “officially” a 30 something. Not quite for some time. I still want to play in my 20’s. Time. Le sigh.

  1. Return to college Spring 09.
  2. Decide on my major: English or History.
  3. Buy and ride a bicycle. (I’m looking at a baby blue beach cruiser.)
  4. Join a gym. (My target goal is to lose 80 pounds.)
  5. Open a new Etsy which will include quilted projects.
  6. Go to Magic Mountain with Shawn for Valentine’s Day, I’ll even go on all the rides.
  7. Get a new hair cut color. (This is going to be a suprise.)
  8. Get a new tattoo.
  9. Replace our old loveseat with a recliner.
  10. Upgrade the computer with Windows 7 and Photoshop.
  11. Train for a marathon. (Marathon is in October I believe.)
  12. Read all the books in my 2010 challenge.
  13. Knit something for my grandmother.
  14. Knit a pair of socks, “that don’t slouch”, for my mom.
  15. Sew Scout’s Easter dress.
  16. Paint the living room.
  17. Put together all of the art work that we want to hang in the living room, hall way and master bedroom.
  18. Finish the blouse I started six months ago.
  19. Go back to Chicago with my mom.
  20. Learn to eat healthy.
  21. Complete the NaKniSweMoDo sweaters within the year.
  22. Make a quilt for our bedroom. (Teal and dark brown.)
  23. Learn how to crochet, beyond single crochet.
  24. Write a book.
  25. Make new friends.
  26. Get the entire house organized.
  27. Buy a new bed. (We really need a box spring and frame.)
  28. Buy a new Blythe, either Urban Cowgirl or Ice Rune.
  29. Enjoy the year before I’ll have to say that I’m. thirty. years. old.

Twenty Nine Years

Some days it seems like they have been a long twenty nine years. Other days it’s hard to comprehend that I’ve been on this Earth for 10, 585 days (give or take a Leap Year). Twenty nine years.

It all happened twenty nine years ago. It was Thursday and by mid morning I had been kicking up a storm. I was born when the meal should have been getting on to the table. Mom never lets me forget, “I didn’t get my pie.”

We had pie this year. And then out of nowhere in comes Shawn with a chocolate bundt cake with candles dripping wax onto the icing.

Today I’ve been filled with phlegm and congestion. I’ve also been filled with a lot of kind wishes from friends and family. Tomorrow is the day we will celebrate it. Out to dinner and a night of Cosmic bowling.

I’ve lived through –

eight surgeries * one funeral *two births * seventeen apartments/houses *ten jobs * one wagon ride through the Death Valley *three dogs *eleven tattoos * one marriage * two children * six years of playing softball * twenty seven years of riding horses * the Northridge earthquake * five white Christmases * saving my babysitter’s life * two cavities * winning a college scholarship * one AA degree * learning three languages * three broken ankles * being top cookie seller in my Girl Scout troop for three years * eleven states * seeing the remake of  “Halloween” * sleeping on my stomach * learning how to sew *

I suppose I could go on. Twenty nine years of busy-ness. Doing stuff. Going places. Learning things. Meeting people. Asking questions.

Here’s to a few more!

Happy Two Years

Even though it’s not quite down to the minute, today is Scout’s second birthday. The big two. Not quite so terrible but two going on 21. There was balloons, laughter, gifts, bbqing, cake. A lot for such a special birthday.

presents3What’s in here?

catcakeA kitty cat cake, (crudely made).

presents2More toys?

jammiesOooh, leopard jammies. Thanks grammy.

Happy Birthday to Me

Nothing is better than a delicious Plusko’s cake for one’s birthday.


This years cake is a chocolate cake with chocolate chip custard filling and chocolate buttercream. And it was heaven! Absolute, unadulterated, sugar filled heaven!

In the midst of cake and presents and birthday wishes I started Verity. I’m using Dream in Color’s Classy in Dusky Aurora and I can see that this will be one of the few hats that I will love and adore. The design is easy, the charts are simple and easy to memorize. I cast on last night around 10 and I’m more than fifty percent done. I need something small and quick to knit for a day that requires much to do.


Turkey is in the oven. Pumpkin pies are already done. There are mashed potatoes to make. Sweet potato casserole to bake. There are rolls to be heated. And gravy. Oh the gravy. I am excited that my birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day. It’s the one day of the year that I’m not obligated to cook. My mom is. And she’s doing a great job.

Thanks to so many of you who messaged me here and on Ravelry and emailed me such nice birthday wishes. Happy Thanksgiving.

24 Days of Christmas

Over the weekend I stumbled upon The Purl Bee’s blog and checked out their Felt Advent Calendar Tutorial. I really like The Purl Bee. They have tons of interesting projects be it knitting or sewing. I decided to make us an advent calendar too. I didn’t want to do another one like the one I recently finished, but something more practical for the kids.

I came up with a red/green/white calendar that Jem and Scout can share.


This project was perfect for all the little extra felt scraps from my other projects. But I admit, I had to drag Shawn to the craft store to buy six more pieces. This weekend, (of course), they will be on sale 6 for $1 as compared to 6 for $1.88. I’ll be stocking up!

And then out of the blue, DMC floss was on my mind. Felt? No. DMC floss. What could I possibly do with the embroidery floss. Why, cross stitch of course!


The story behind this is simple. When I was 15 years old I took the bus to the, (at the time), local Michael’s to buy something to do. I chose cross stitch. I got halfway into this very pattern. When we moved it vanished. Then I got together with the mom’s group and one of the nice women let me borrow a Precious Moments book. And wouldn’t you know? The very same pattern I was doing. About a month or two ago I decided I would do this. I wanted to replace those very long months where I painstakingly worked on this cross stitch sampler. Yesterday began my journey. I forgot how much work goes into those little x’s. My age must be showing when I look at the pattern. My eyes squint and I have to count the numbers a few times to make sure I’m counting correctly.

But it will be worth it to remember those moments from 13 years ago. Almost 13 years ago. I have 3 days to go and I’m enjoying the remainder of my 27 years.