– my bucket list-

i got around to thinking that i needed to have some written goals in my life. the divorce was really hard on me and this helped me the past few months.

    • get memorial tattoo on my chest aug. 2010
    • visit Ralph at Oakwood Memorial sept. 24.2010
    • splurge on really expensive yarn for sweater sept. 2010
    • re-read “Harry Potter” series
    • volunteer my time (nov 2010-oct 2012)
    • run a short marathon
    • get small business started july 2010
    • go back home to Chicago
    • finish my Associate’s degree
    • buy a car (august 2011)
    • visit Niagara Falls
    • go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras
    • knit a Christmas gift for everyone
    • celebrate the twelve days of Christmas
    • take the kids camping
    • write down my short stories
    • lose another 40 pounds (November 2012)
    • buy life insurance
    • open savings for Scout
    • take my mom clothes shopping (oct.1.2010)
    • go back to church (November 2010)
    • sign up Jem for the Boys and Girls club (sept 2010)
    • buy the perfect tea pot (february 2011)
    • go to the movies alone more often (sept 2010)
    • knit a sweater for my mom
    • spend the week on a beach one summer
    • learn to play chess

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