{ scout }

it just so happens that Scout is away for the evening. spending time with her daddy. we will be reunited in the morning, as is our usual Sunday morning. she comes hopping out of the backseat of the car and yells “mommy” to me. she always has a big smile, especially in her brown, brown eyes. sometimes she comes directly home. sometimes we meet in the church parking lot. tomorrow will be no different. she’s a big girl now. she’s tall. very tall. she turned 6 years old about two weeks ago.


she’s in Kindergarten now. it’s been a hard adjustment for her. she loves making new friends but she doesn’t understand why they have to go away. she has a hard time living up to her teacher’s expectations. she gets very upset if she doesn’t do it “perfectly”. she loves singing and dancing. you can tell, in her Winter Program, dressed in Christmas jammies. she has a lot of passion in her. sometimes she gets scared and tells me she “doesn’t want to die” because she doesn’t want to be away from me. but for the most part, she’s cheerful. happy. an angel. she remembers to say “thank you” to the bus drivers. she always gives Ms. Nancy (a Grandparent volunteer at the library) a hug, colorful cards, and pictures. and she loves finding a penny in the road to add to her piggy bank at her dad’s.


scout. she loves pink, and purple, and green. we have an endless supply of composition books, Crayola crayons, washable markers, and colored pencils (thanks to a few generous friends, and a few generous strangers). Scout loves sweets. she eats a lot these days, and yet she only ways fifty pounds. just a few sacks of potatoes. she smiles a lot, nuzzles her head against me, happily gives away Eskimo kisses. she’s pretty proficient on the computer, especially playing Club Penguin and buying puffles. she just learned that she likes Bean and Bacon soup. her hair has finally grown back in from it’s original “trim”. now she wants to cut it short. she doesn’t like it everywhere. she’s growing up too fast.

i ♥ my stinkerbuggy.


fall festival

last night was our redeemer lutheran church’s annual fall festival. earlier in the day i volunteered to help set up for a couple of hours. then scout and i headed out to the fun.

it was a perfectly cool evening for the festival.

{ posing with a friendly scarecrow. }

{ one of the three pony rides. }

{ pink hair do and a pumpkin tattoo. }

{ bouncing in one of the jumpers. }

{ halloween sweet treat after a delicious beef brisket dinner for me, hot dog for scout. scout had three desserts which included a root beer float, a piece of pumpkin pie and a two scoop sundae. that doesn’t include all the candy she won as prizes from the games. }


it’s always everything, isn’t it?

life has caught up with me, yet again. i find myself knee deep in holiday projects, reading multiple books, loads of laundry, picking up and dropping off two children at various events, rescuing kittens, another bout of ECT and therapy…the list goes on. and that’s only the beginning.

our youth group leader is expecting twins, so there’s been baby knitting.

{ baby aviatrix in madelinetosh sport “candlewick” }

then there was some “i’m really bored but i’m not sure what pattern to choose” knitting:

{ joelle hoverson’s “last minute knitted gifts” chevron scarf in madelinetosh sock “fig” and mama blue simple merino “algae” }

and last sunday we celebrated scout’s baptism:

i spent one week at cedars-sinai, in los angeles, before i had enough “rest”. i finished two novels: “plain truth” by jodi picoult and “carrot cake murder” by joanne fluke. i’ve moved on to chapter six of “a confident heart” by renee swope and just started reading “made to crave”.

my upcoming schedule includes everything. making crock pot apple butter, knitting one more set of baby booties and matching aviatrix hat for the second twin, attending bible study classes on tuesday mornings, taking scout to the tone chimer’s group on sundays before sunday school, three times a week electroshock therapy appointments, a financial aid meeting to hopefully help with finances for school next semester, continuing my online bible study, wrapping up a halloween swap, sewing scout’s christmas dress, making christmas gifts for the family.

well you get the idea.

it’s everything.

and i wouldn’t change it a bit.


Three seems to be the inevitable age of precious, pink cheeked, cooing babies turning into monstrous, out of control, I’m-gonna-hold-my-breath-until-I-pass-out toddlers. Ah, these will be the years to remember.

Ever since coming home with only a three-quarter finished dress I’ve gotten nothing but grief from my precocious (and questioning) little angel. I suppose the “gimme now” concept is something I’ve instilled upon her. After all, I can’t take credit for being patient. I’m the meaning of impatient.

And I guess that’s a good thing.

I’ve had quite a bit of a good thing lately. And that feels, well, good.

{She was saying “I miss Gramma”.}

{“I love daddy”.}

{“Easter Bunny, gimme chocolate.”}

Yeah. It’s all good.

Could Have Been Riding a Bike

Yesterday, before the dove gray clouds slowly approached, Scout and I took a trip to the toddler park for some student driving lessons. Shawn and I bought her a bedecked pink and purple bike with white tires for Christmas and a matching Barbie helmet. Because really, what girl shouldn’t have a matching Barbie helmet?

But I think the ride to the park (maybe 50 feet) tired her out and she gave up. Not that I mind.

Instead she did some excavating.

But then she caught me peering at her through a lens.

So she chased a blue bird and a few sparrows. When she did not succeed in actually catching said birds she decided to play with a tree. Kinda of ring around the maypole if you will.

There was a little romp on the jungle gym. We (yes, me too) slid down a the straight slides and then the twirly one where I was convinced I’d get stuck. (Those openings are not meant for adults.)

There was a little drawing, followed by “Mom, I lost your pen!”

And then, finally, she hammed it up for me.

Parents, you’d better watch your boys on the playground because this girl is gonna break their hearts!

Three Years


It’s a big number when you are such a little girl.

We no longer live with a baby. We live with a three. year. old. little. girl.

Yes, three.

Three years of pink.

Three years of learning little girl talk.

Three years of chicken nuggets, mac & cheese and ice cream.

Three years of automatic horsey rides in front of the grocery store.

Three years of love, laughter, kisses and hugs.

Three years of being a little girl.

Happy three years of perfection Scout.