the move was hasty, not everything made it. but the kids are here and that is what’s most important. so much has been going on but nothing very interesting to report.

i had to drop my classes due to the move. i’m pretty bummed out, but february will be here quicker than expected and i’ll be back to the daily grind of notebooks, index cards, highlighters and all night study sessions soon enough.

thanksgiving was, for the most part, quiet and uneventful. i didn’t burn the rolls this year.

my 30th birthday was peaceful. i spent a good portion of my check on some madelinetosh merino light and sweetgeorgia tough love sock (in a purple colorway, believe it or not). i also went to my favorite bakery (ok, my second favorite bakery) and got a delicious sandwich and box of goodies.

{delicious knee socks in sweetgeorgia tough love sock in blackberry}

{solstice steve from rebecca danger’s holly,ivy, steve mini monster ornaments.}

as you can see, there’s been knitting.

a lot of knitting.

and you know what? it feels good.

it feels good to be home.





Yes, beginnings.

A fresh new start.

Autumn is a new beginning. It’s the one season where I see the most changes. The cool Santa Ana’s whistling through the canyons. Waking up to Scout and Marley snuggled under three layers of blankets and quilts. Apple cider and hot cocoa, both a staple in our pantry. The crunchiness of the leaves.

It’s also a new beginning for knitting. I had a “revelation”, if you will. Something inside me that told me my knitting would be forever changed. I really don’t know how to explain it. There aren’t any words. The best way that I can explain it is that knitting is a life force. It’s comfort. It’s home.


My fingers are enveloped with the angora and wool. There is a constant click of metal against metal. Sometimes, when I open up the windows, the wind will rustle my notes. I embrace this. I embrace the Autumn. I embrace my knitting. I embrace my life.

Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

Summer is winding down, though I admit that the heat seems like it’s found a permanent home. We had one lovely day that stayed in the 80’s – unbelievable! Unfortunately it was a fluke and we are back in the triple digits. So you know what that means. Swimming, sweet ice tea, homemade ice cream. Anything to lower the temps. Even if only by one degree.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time getting ready for Christmas. You heard me right. Christmas. I decided that I wanted to make an Advent calendar, (similar to Leslie’s), for decorative purposes only.


Currently I have ten hats knit. Two more to go. And then I can knit the dozen mini mittens. I’m using non snobby yarn too. Can you believe it? I was perusing Beverly’s when I found that Red Heart is now trying to be environmentally friendly. I picked up four skeins of their Eco Ways yarn and I have to say that I’m very impressed. Acrylic yarn has come far.

In the midst of all this mini hat making I decided I needed another project to sustain me. Not only do I need to finish the hats and mittens but I will need to make pom-poms, (not my favorite thing to do), attach them to the hats, and embroider numbers on each one. Twenty four of them.

So I cast on a pair of mittens. With this.


One beautifully soft and sumptuous skein of Lorna’s Laces Green Line Worsted in Echo. This yarn is perfect for a pair of winter mittens. I’m already half done so I’ll post pictures of them in a day or two.

Not much else crafting is going on here. I’ve spent a few days, (and nights), in the kitchen. I made another batch of strawberry jam. You never can have too much. I also baked a couple loaves of banana bread. I had to do something with the brown, nearly decaying, bananas sitting in the basket. And last night I experimented with making some Butter Pecan Ice Cream but I have to admit it was a major fail. I made it according to the recipe not realizing that I had to let the mixture cool completely before putting into the mixing bowl to let the KitchenAid do it’s thing. I’m going to try again tonight. This time there better be success. Otherwise I’m going to have to break down and buy some Dreyer’s.

I’ve got the blue-greens

Knitting progress around has been pretty steady. My Foggy Seas Scarf is about sixty percent done, (maybe a little more). I finished Shawn’s Thorpe and afterwards I decided that I should cast on for something else. Afterall, I’ve knit two hats and a pair of socks. If I wanted to I could finish up the Mosey Legwarmers really quick and have four FO’s for 2009. That’s an idea.

But casting on was really getting my fingers itchin’. That’s why I have the blue-greens.


Dream In Color Classy: Blue Lagoon (top) and Nightwatch

Intentions: Tulip Baby Cardigan for Scout, (this will be a two tone cardigan)

Other than that, well life is pretty predictable. One person in the household gets sick and eventually we all do. There is a nice onslaught of rain meaning I can break out the thick socks and knit sweaters. I’ve been guzzling my own little recipe of hot apple cider in hopes that it will heal my throat. Cartoons have been our choice TV shows. All is normal here. Save for the blue-greens.


This weekend has proved to be extremely busy. Busy knitting!

The uniformity of cables in the Cabled Jacket for Scout’s 2nd birthday.


Verity pattern finally understood. And now loved.


Finding the perfect button.


A little Thanksgiving Black Friday shopping: Blue Sky Alpacas Melange in Robin’s Egg, (the color is way lighter than shown). I also picked up a copy of Debbie Bliss’ Alpaca Silk and there are at least five patterns I want to knit. Now.


Trading in one yarn for another. The Mirasol Project Miski had no stitch definition for Shawn’s sweater so I traded for some Queensland Collection Rustic Wool and am pleasantly suprised with this yarn. Yum.


Of course, it hasn’t all been yarn and knitting. But there’s always more tomorrow.