I decided to try and tackle some of the things on my “to do” list. It seems if I let things go for a couple of days week I get really backed up. While I feel better from the surgery I still feel fatigued. But I made a little bit of headway last night and decided it was time to organize my life. Order. I need order.

So I made some stitch markers. One set is for a friend.

And the other set is for one of the contest winners in the Summer of Socks group on Ravelry. I’m a bit late with them I admit. Nonetheless, they are going out in todays post.

Both are made with 6mm Rounded Swarovski crystals and sterling silver bead caps. I liked them so much that I made extra sets for Etsy. I also have a new earring design that’s in the works. My goal is to really launch my Etsy shop soon. I have a lot to do. My mom still does printing so she will be doing my thank you notes and business cards. The site will be revamped in the months to come.

I also wanted to share a little yarn love brought to you by Tiennie. I have to say that she’s one of the sweetest bloggers I’ve had the chance to encounter. I’ve been reading her blog from almost day one and she never fails to amaze me with her knitting. And her kindness. She had a little blog contest and she sent me a very lovely item from her stash:

Yeah. It’s Sundara. It’s Blue Grape Hycanith. (BTW, I’m stalking the site right now because there’s a scheduled update.)

The CPH is pretty much done but for the hood. All the blocking and seaming is finished. I should have pictures tomorrow or maybe Wednesday depending on how much I get done. I also have to admit that I’m a Ravelympics failure. I didn’t even cast on for my challenge. I’ve been busy doing orders on Etsy Alchemy and trying to finish CPH. I know I should probably drop a hobby to give myself some real good quality time and focus to something else but I can’t. I must get things in order.


So Blue

It’s easy to be so blue about this:

Evening Whispers

Made with 3mm and 4mm Swarovski bicones in Metallic Blue 2x and Light Sapphire, size 11 delicas, size 11 and 15 seed beads in a variety of blues and a sterling silver floral toggle clasp.

Another beadweaving bracelet class I took today and it’s for sale in my shop. (More pictures on Etsy and Flickr.) It can be customized in other colors as well. I’m quite happy with the result and I have a feeling I’ll be making a few more in the future. Beading really provides relaxation for me, tiny seed beads and all. And a bit of instant gratification I must admit. I like churning out a project in an afternoon, which isn’t quite feasible with knitting.

Which reminds me, I have some knitting to do.

This, that and something else

If I told you that I’d been busy, you would believe me right? Yesterday was the last day of school for Jem and his counterparts. Fortunately for him, unfortunately for them. I’m certainly not ready for the “I’m bored” and “what are we doing today” drill. But he’s going to summer school in a week. Fortunately for me, unfortunately for him.

So in the midst of early dismissals and end of the year parties I’ve kept busy at home trying to get a few things done before having even less time to myself than before.

Nothing finished in knitting land, though I am … that close to finishing the Ribs and Lace Tank. Maybe this weekend? I cast on for the test knit in Noro, which I read some not so good and some great reviews on the yarn. I’d been expecting scratchy, itchy wool. While it doesn’t have the best in soft factor, it does knit nicely and the color, of course, is superb. I also checked out the new Knitty for Summer and was quite pleased that they had something for Scout’s age. I bought some Elastico for the Helena cardigan for Scout, which was what I used for the Bubblegum sweater that I made about a year ago. I also like the look of Gigi though I don’t have the models figure so it may not be as flattering for me as it is for her.

But onto the actual finishing. I finished two Icy Petal bracelets for a friend at the LYS. The first was similar to the lilac one I made myself, though I used a different accent color. I don’t have pictures to share since she picked it up after I finished attaching the clasp last night at the SnB. But I did finish the second one for her friend which is done in earth tones:

Check out Flickr for a few more shots. I really like the greens and browns together and I’m hoping they will too.

I also finished my first quilt. I can’t say I’m 100% proud because once I finished the binding there were three mistakes on there which I don’t know if I can fix. Basically on two parts of the quilt I either didn’t sew it exactly on the 1/4″ seam so it seems to have frayed away a bit. Or, the fabric just frays and that’s what I get. It is very lovely though and Scout loves it a lot. So that’s all that matters because she will always know I put a lot of love, (and a lot more fingers pricked), into this quilt. I think all in all I learned a lot and I suppose I should be 110% proud because what I’ve learned I can now apply to my second quilt, (which the top is done but for the borders and the sandwiching of layers). But see for yourself and tell me what you think:

So that’s really it for my FO’s. Like I said before I’m really hoping to get some knitting done. I haven’t been knitting as much as I’ve wanted to lately, though the beading and quilting are similarly satisfying. So are water balloons. At least Scout thinks so:

Jem and Scout had a water balloon fight yesterday. I filled a bucket of water and got them soaked. With the weather the way that it is I won’t be surprised if we do this more often. It was 83 in the house at 9 this morning. It’s getting ridiculous especially when you hear about the floods in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. My cousin lives out there. Hopefully her house hasn’t floated away.

Have a great weekend and Father’s Day out there!

May the bead be with you

Cause I seem to keep losing mine. My beads. Not my marbles. Though some might disagree.

Beading seems to be what it’s all about this weekend. With a little knitting thrown in. I did finish the right front to the Central Park Hoodie and am currently doing both sleeves at the same time. I’m still trying to figure out how I can ease those eight measly rows into the back. I am in denial. I know that I will have to frog. But I’m avoiding it. Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

Shawn made yet another beautiful ring and we’ve decided to add his talents over at Ewe Bitch. So if you are looking for that custom ring, he’s the man to see. Look at how pretty this is one is:

He was so excited to make another since we still had the supplies from the previous ring. He didn’t have a mandrel, so suprise! I bought him one when I was at the bead shop. He made this one in about an hour. So with that, we are “debuting” the two rings he made on Etsy and offering custom made rings. Go check it out. (K, plug over.)

While he was ring making, I was working on three things til about 4 a.m. (I know, I should be getting a decent amount of sleep but I was beading and watching mysteries all night. I. Could. Not. Stop. One was a custom order on Etsy for a pair of pearl cluster dangles:

Still needs some filler pearls but I think these are going to come out gorgeous.

I also worked on a new bracelet for me, perfect accessory with a pair of jeans:

I bought these crystals a couple weeks ago. I was inspired by a bracelet on an online bead shop but ended up making something completely different. It’s nice to have that challenge. With knitting you really have to follow the pattern to get the right end result. But with beads, there is such a variety. It’s a great medium.

I also made some flower dangles for the shop. I had copper and blue on my mind and I think they came out quite nice:

I seem to be on a blue kick lately. Can’t help it though, it’s such a perfect color. I just can’t get enough.

And in about 15 hours Shawn will be leaving for another week in Bakersfield. Another week of an empty void. You’d think we’d get sick of each other and relish the though of a mini vacation, like his coworkers. And while I will enjoy having the queen sized bed to myself, having a little alone time to read and catch up on my DVR shows and new Blockbuster account, (I decided to see what the fuss is about with online movie shops and guess what? since I already have an account I can get a free trial through Blockbuster and guess what? they have all the “Midsomer Murders” on DVD that I haven’t seen and guess what? that ROCKS!), not having to cook elaborate meals, (Shawn is spoiled), and having the baby in bed by 8:30, I will miss him waking me up at 5:30 in the morning to tell me he loves me, or having him come home at 3 and seeing Scout go absolutely monkey crazy cause daddy is home, or even watching him play him computer games. (That was a fairly long run on sentence wasn’t it?)

So the plan:

* Stop by the LYS and pick up more US 2’s (double points) for my new Mingus from Cookie. I did a gauge swatch but won’t be able to make my size on 1’s. And for some reason, I can’t find my multiple sets of 2’s.

* Stop by the fabric shop for some backing to the doll quilt that I need to finish.

* Take Scout to the zoo. This time wearing more comfy shoes. And going earlier in the morning so I don’t sweat so much. Yeah, I sweat. Who wouldn’t in this 80 degree weather when you are walking what seems like uphill for 3 hours!

* Take Scout to the lake. I’m thinking a little picnic and some running around just might be fun.

* Watch all the shows recorded on my DVR. I still have to watch, “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter”, a couple of two hour “Matlock” shows, some “Murder, She Wrote” and the first few episodes of “The Tudors”.

* Bake. I find solitude in baking. Especially when I’m alone. Plus, it makes the house smell yummy.

Expect lots of updates this week! I have to do something with my time. Including playing catch up on all the blogs I read. I think I’m up to about 75 blogs I read on a normal basis. You guys are just too good.

Easter bunny came to this town

Our Easter weekend was a bit emotional over here. Friday and Saturday I could feel that unsettling feeling in my stomach that I’d be alone all week. The anxiety rose up and caused lots of crying, yelling and red eyes. With enough sleep on Saturday night, (after staying up til 12:38 a.m. so that the Easter bunny could deliver the goods), I felt much better on Sunday, though not really 100%.

Saturday morning was spent at the Canyon Country park where Jem and Scout hunted down some Easter eggs, ate little chocolate eggs, (with some aluminum stuck on them…you don’t even want to know how I know this!), and met the Easter bunny him/herself!


She squirmed, but I did get a few good shots. (Though in a few the bunny looks like he’s eating her arm. I’ve never known a carnivorous rabbit, have you?)

And boy did she enjoy her chocolate! (We normally don’t give her candy, but she had a couple little pieces and thoroughly enjoyed them.)


Sunday the kids woke up to eggs galore! We hid about 20 of them and their baskets around the living room. The bubbles were especially a hit. So were the bunny ears:


The rest of the day I spent in the kitchen making a huge feast. We still have leftovers suprisingly. And then Monday morning hit and I was all alone.

I had decided over the weekend to get out of the house more often this week. (There are times when I can’t convince myself to leave the house and I really didn’t want to get in that kind of funk.) So Monday afternoon I headed over to Knit Cafe over in Hollywood. For those of you unaware, they care closing. So right now they are having a 50% off sale. When I got there things were already picked over, but I grabbed a few skeins of this deliciousness:


Can you say Koigu? Cause I can. I grabbed the last of the Kersti Crepe in brown and blue. I’m thinking another pair of Eunny’s mitts. Once I finish the last pair of course. I also grabbed three skeins of Misti Alpaca Lace in a dark chocolately brown. I have no idea what I’ll make with it yet, but it’s buttery soft and I love the color. And HELLO! At 50% off, who can say no? They had a good deal of yarn, but I think the good stuff was pretty much taken within the first two hours the store was open.

The rest of the day was spent eating lunch and playing with Scout at the park. Jem has his first baseball practice last night and I am more than disappointed. This should be baseball. Not softball. Not underhand softball. And their first game is this Saturday. Most of the kids look like they’ve never picked up a baseball let alone played a game, so I don’t know if we will ride this one out. He’s a bit too advanced for softball. But I’ll give him a chance to play the first game and go from there.

Today? Well today has been a pretty lazy day. I finished the two other bracelets and will be adding them to my Etsy tomorrow after I add the clasps, but here’s a preview if you are interested, this one is made with brown pearls and pink and silver accents:


And with silvery blue pearls, silver size 15 seed beads and teal and black Swarovski’s:


Plans for the rest of the week? I’m thinking Scout and I might go to the zoo tomorrow and hang out eating ice cream cones and watching the animals run around. It’ll be a nice change to watch someone else run away other than Scout. Boy, she’s fast!

Up til 2

Believe me, it was harsh but totally worth it. I have been quite productive lately. Especially late night. I cannot put the blame on any one person in this household. But she wears a diaper! It’s just too tempting for little hands when I break out the paper, glue, beads, wire, knitting needles, tape, scissors… And who can blame her? Crafting is fun. Though “fun” would not be how I’d describe last nights antics.

I started working on the Valentine’s for Jody’s party:


Side view:


And a close up:


Each one is slightly different than the next. All are made with papers by Daisy D’s. I am not completely done yet though. I plan on adding ric rac, lace, ribbon, buttons, and jewels.

I also had some time to do a little beading. I made myself a bracelet which I named “The Blues”:


It’s made with blue, grey and white freshwater baroque and button pearls.

And base metal wire, jump rings and toggle clasp. (I bought one extra because I’m thinking I just might make a matching necklace.)
Close up:


I also finished the first of the Endpaper Mitts. They are a bit snug, but I’m hoping they will loosen up a bit once I soak them and block them. I also started “Hush” but to my dismay there is either a pattern error, or quite possible user error. I bought some pretty pearl colored beads for the sweater as well. Now if I could just figure out this once lace row. (I’m missing a decrease somehow.)


And some exciting news, (maybe exciting just for me)…I’ve decided to design my first pair of socks. I have already done both the swatch and pattern gauge. Now onto actually knitting them. Wish me luck.