Just Plucky

That’s how my mailbox has been looking lately. Just plucky. And I’m lovin’ it.

{Plucky Knitter MCN in Colonel Brandon.}

{Plucky Knitter MCN Superwash in Early Light.}

And just to prove to you that I’m not just buying yarn, I’m using it too.

{Simple Things by Mary-Heather in Sundara FSM in the Presidential Inaguration colorway.}

Other stuff that’s Just Plucky:

* I finished my Minimalist Cardigan but it needs to be blocked and seamed.

* I earned an 86% on my first Poli Sci exam. (The breakdown of grades: 12 A’s, 9 B’s, 3 D’s and a couple of F’s.)

* I finished reading Shutter Island and started reading Jodi Picoult’s new novel House Rules.

* I am nearly finished sewing a recycled pair of jeans that had a huge hole in the butt. (I still can’t figure out how the hole got there.) The jeans have turned into a cute pleated skirt. Without a hem. I still need to hem the bottom.

* I started our “spring cleaning” for the year. We have ways to go.

And with that I think I should start working on the windows. After I knit.


Finally Finished

A couple of months ago I joined a swap on the Sundara Love board on Ravelry. The object of the swap was to be paired up with another Sundara Yarn lover and swap socks and shawls. My partner made me a beautiful Ishbel by Ysolda Teague using a skein of my Sundara Sock Yarn, I think it was Faded Denim, but it could have been Distant Galaxy. My memory isn’t so clear about the details. All the same, it was Beautiful.


The deadline has passed and I only just now finished my partner’s socks. Hopefully the prettiness of the socks will overshadow my lateness. I hope.




Leyburn Socks by Pepperknit

US 3 double pointed needles

Sundara Sock in Aurora Borealis

After finishing these up I started a new sock pattern because, of course, after joining the first Sock/Shawl swap I just had to join the second one. More on that the next time.