30 Days of Happiness: Gratitude


I’m grateful, that even though I woke up this morning to a grayish orange glow coming from the east, that tonight, as I took a short walk, I could see the moon. And a sprinkling of stars. Though the sky was still thick with smoke and ash, I was grateful for the sky. Grateful that though the fires are close, they aren’t that close. I am grateful for the sky and the not so close fires.


30 Days of Happiness: Yarn

I am on Day 4 on my journey and I have to say that looking for the positive has really made a lot of difference the past few days. It’s never too late to join, hint, hint.


I’d spent hours on Ravelry searching for the perfect yarn for the Sage Remedy Top that I discovered. And then yesterday, Shawn took me to the not so local yarn shop and I decided that a sweater in Invernal wouldn’t be all that bad. Mmm, wool. Mmm, angora.

30 Days of Happiness: Scout

Scout has always been a great source of my happiness.

  • From the way she tries to, quietly, wake me up in the morning – shaking my shoulder lightly and whispering “mum” into my ear.
  • The unhealthy relationship she has with watching “Scooby Doo”.
  • Her excitement when we go to a craft shop and she knows she can get a Ring Pop, (today’s flavor was Berry Blue).
  • How she tries so hard, a little too hard, to fart on her Daddy.
  • The way she twirls round and round and shouts, “I’m dancin’.”
  • How she wakes up in the middle of the night and sneakily crawls in between me and Shawn as we sleep.
  • The way she leans into your cup of ice cream, hoping for a big spoonful.
  • Her shoe obsession. Doesn’t matter if they match or not.
  • How her hair is always so crazy.
  • How she jumps into the pool without a care in the world. It doesn’t matter how cold the water is. It doesn’t matter how deep the water is.
  • Her preference of Scooby Snack, (fruit snacks), Capri Sun, peanut butter sandwiches and chicken nuggets. With ketchup. And lots of it.
  • The way she finds a toy that hasn’t been played with for a while. The look on her face is so bright and innocent.

And then there’s that face. It’s ever changing.


30 Days of Happiness: Knitting

I’m happy to be resuming my “30 Days of Happiness”. I’m just counting down each day. And even though it’s only, technically, been one day, I have to say that I am happy. At least, happier. In every sense of the word. I think it might have to do with this new book I’m reading, too. And it most definitely has to do with this:


I cast on for the Vine Yoke Cardigan yesterday. I cast aside the scarf that needs a hood and the colorful Chevron scarf with the never ending yarn. I put off knitting a dozen mini hats with pom-poms, all twenty four hats and mittens which need to be embroidered and hung to a very long i-cord. I set aside the four very different cabled socks with varying charts. There’s another sock, waiting for it’s mate. Patiently. I hope. I think.

The thing is, it made me happy. There’s something about newness. It’s very zen. I highly recommend it.

30 Days of Happiness

Over at Erin’s blog she started a Thirty Days of Happiness theme. I wanted to follow suit because the past few days, and I’m sure the days to come, have been and will be emotionally rough.

Inside I’ve felt anger, hopelessness, sadness, guilt and fear. Dalton’s death is still too new. Sometimes I coast through the day and I don’t give him a thought. But then I look under the coffee table as I sit on the couch to knit. He isn’t under there swatting his tail, left, right, left, right. I expect him to be sitting on the balcony soaking in the setting sun. But then I open the door and there’s nothing there but stucco and an empty herbal pot.

I need to dig down and find some happiness. I can not let his death consume me. I know that he wouldn’t want it that way. So I’m going to buckle down. I’m going to live 30 days of happiness.

The pictures all represent some type of happiness I have in my life, this minute.

It’s the end of the Summer.

I’ve been sketching and drawing in my spare time. Shawn bought me a new book and Derwent pencils, (my absolute fave).

I’ve been knitting the Rhiannon socks, but truth be told it will be slow knitting. (How hard does a sock have to be? Try knitting four charts at the same time. Mind you, they don’t all have the same row count.)

I also picked up a copy of Ysolda Teague’s new pattern from Twist Collective: the beautiful Vine Yoke Cardigan. I’m using some Cascade Ecological Wool that I had in my stash and already I’m quite pleased. I am thinking I might have someone make me some special buttons to compliment my new sweater.

And I have to say I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading. I think it’s suffice to say that it will be keeping me quite busy next week. The low down: I was born with club foot and had corrective surgery when I was a day old. Then when I was sixteen I jumped down off a fence and landed so hard on my right foot that it broke. Then I broke it again, playing softball, in 2003. The second time it didn’t heal and for the past six years I’ve had a lot of swelling, numbness and pain. I found a Dr. who can reconstruct my ankle and foot. It’s going to require a 3-5 hour surgery. A few days in the hospital. Crutches. And a lot of books. A whole lot of books to get me through 5 months in a cast/walking boot.

Any suggestions?