Where’ve You Been?

If I wanted to lie to you (and I would never do that) I would tell you that I’ve been travelling Europe. Or maybe I took an extended vacation and just forgot to put up the “Gone Fishin'” sign. The truth is that life has a way of creating chaos just when you think you’ve gotten things in order.

School has been going along just fine. We are well into our fifth week and I had my first real exam for Western Civilization yesterday. I wrote about 3 1/2 pages for two essay questions and ended up leaving that class early. Only to sit in the cold winds, waiting on a bench, catching up for next weeks History reading. Who knew there’d be so much reading? (Chuckles.)

And, true to my word, I’ve been hanging in there when it comes to the gym. I’ve had five personal training sessions and guess what? Since mid-January I’ve lost a whopping fourteen pounds! There, I said it. Fourteen. And it feels great. Though the downside is that all the clothes I recently bought are already hanging a bit loose, especially in the waist and thighs. The upside is that I’ll just have to force myself to buy some new clothes soon. (Insert evil laugh.)

I am also continuing my sewing classes. In fact, I finished a dress (for myself) two weeks ago but since our normally everything-is-so-lovely-type weather hasn’t been so lovely I haven’t had time to get any pictures of me in it. (Truth be told, today is the first time I’ve picked up my camera in a few weeks. I don’t know why.) Anyhow, for all you non believers out there, I do have a photo (a teaser if you will) of Scout’s Easter dress for this year. I just need to finish the neckline and hem the ruffle. I might even add a black satin bow to it (because everyone in my sewing class told me it would be “sew cute”, get it?).

My knitting has been quite minimal, which I guess could be an indication to the name of my pattern: The Minimalist Cardigan. I haven’t had as much free time as I thought I would. You wouldn’t believe how busy three college classs can really make you. I’m proud to say, though, that I am working on my second sleeve and I’m really looking forward to start the finishing. My Ravelry queue is looking rather dreary. My yarn bins are starting to flood over into the rest of the closet. (Sshhh, don’t tell Shawn. He might think I don’t need yarn.)

But don’t worry, life isn’t all homework, twelve page papers, studying til 2 a.m., and running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I am currently working on two swaps, one for embroidery and another for Easter. I am also finding my place at the embroidery shop (I even went so far as to buy my second canvas though I’m not done with my first). I’ve had a couple chances to catch up on my fully loaded DVR and watch some good old classics that TCM has been playing and we’ve watched a few horror flicks from Blockbuster.

And I’ve even made time to welcome this little guy to my new collection:

So that’s where I’ve been in my life. Everywhere and anywhere, you name it. But I’ll be back. Don’t you worry. I’ve got a lot in the works, behind the curtains.


El Gato, (or The Cat)

As I’m sure you know I have an unhealthy a slight addiction to pets. Ever since I was little.

The story of my first cat is a sweet one. I was about two years old at the time and it was the day before Easter. My mom rode the el train to someone’s home who was fostering a gray tabby cat. It was pouring rain and she had a fairly long ride ahead of her. When she arrived she was greeted by this cat. As she sat down on the couch he jumped in her lap and she knew right then that she had to bring him to me. The foster parents were nice enough to give my mom a ride back into the city. The minute my mom stepped in the door, as my mom tells it, I saw the cat and immediately said, “Buster! Buster!”. Thus, Buster became a huge part of our family for 12 years. He was a bird catcher, he loved macaroni and cheese and he was partial to black and white cats. When I was 14 he went missing. At the time we lived in the mountains and while he was a big tough guy and I’d like to believe he just went away to die, (as he was 16 years old and began to have cataracts)… well, you get the idea.

After that there were a series of cats: River, he was a Flame Point Siamese that my mom’s friend found.  At the time he had a pit bull that didn’t take too kindly to cats so he offered me that cat. I promptly said “YES!” as I’d never had a Siamese and I’d wanted one for so long. My mom let him out one night while I was in the hospital and he was hit by a car.

And Dalton. Dalton I rescued from the Veterinary office I’d been working at. He had an upper respiratory infection and had been abandoned. The moment I saw him I fell in love. I had been extremely lucky that the cat rescue who did business with the Vet offered employees first dibs on adoptions.

There was Squirt who somehow ran away, (we never figured out how she got out). She was a little orange and white cat who constantly attacked Dalton. I got suckered into taking her at the shelter.

Then there a set of kittens, DiMaggio and Jeter, that I fostered for two months.  A girl that worked next door to us had a bunch of kittens that they couldn’t keep. They were cute little tabbies that were polydacytl, (had that extra digit on their paws). I told her I’d have to find homes for them but I would keep them for a while. They are living with a nice old lady in Glendale.

There was Penny and Zeus, both Siamese who I had to find homes for due to the change in our management companies at my old apartment building, (I could only keep one cat and of course, it was Dalton since I’d had him for so long). Zeus is living with a girl and her iguana in Long Beach. I don’t know about Penny though. I miss her terribly though. She has the same markings as Marilyn did that’s why I had to tget Marilyn. Redepmtion in a way.

Shawn brought me Pepper two Mothers Day’s ago and Jem let her out. She was a cute black and white but very sassy. She put a hole in the screendoor and we never saw her again.

And then there was Oliver, you know what happened to him.

And now? We have Dalton and Marilyn. *sigh* I’m sensing a pattern in runaways.

But now, well…I’ve gone and done it again!

I found her hanging around the back yard area.

Her pretty blue eyes and dress are what drew attention to her as she was slinking near the flower beds.

Pattern is from Etsy. A lady on their added an Alchemy request that she wanted a handmade Meezer. How could I resist when I have such love for the breed? (And I admit that getting the pattern was an extra bonus!) She was made with Red Heart Super Saver, (ewwww…but they make great toys), and some leftover Vanna’s Choice for the dress. Her eyes are felt and the ribbon and button on the dress are from my scrapbook stash.

And while I’d love to keep her we are done with pets. Even if they take care of themselves. She will be in the post this afternoon where her new mom will love her and take care of her.