Two Cool Cats

Meet Steve and Bob.

They are cats.

Cats of a different fur (or feather, if you will.)

That’s Bob the Cat. He has pretty blue eyes.

And this is Steve the Cat.

They are two cool kitties.

You, too,  can win yourself your own customized kitty by leaving a comment on this post. I will leave pick a winner on Thursday, January 28th. (Which, coincidentally, is Shawn’s 30th birthday!) Good luck!


Some of this and some of that

The final weeks of Summer are increasingly busy and a bit stressful. There’s so much to prepare for.

Canning and preserving. I only managed to make about 9 1/2 pint jars of strawberry jam last month. I still have another batch of strawberry and two batches of Apple Butter.

Finishing 2 quilts. I finished the quilting and I pieced together the binding strips of my Fresh Squeezed quilt. I just need to sew the binding on and then finish the backing. I also commissioned an Etsy order for a Purple Quilt which I need to start cutting up this week. Lots and lots of strips and squares.

Knitting a bonnet. I finally decided on which hat to make for my Knitter’s Holiday Swap pal on Ravelry. (This round is all about Make a Hat day which is in just a few days.)

Making memories. Scout is talking more. Her vocabulary extends to, “What’s up?”, stressing “I am”, “nice kitty”, and “1, 2, threeeee!”. Jem is in school. Not homeschool. The issues he’s having overwhelm me enough that it’s better for the both of us for him to be in a public school. And you’d better believe we won’t be having any more administrative obstacles. Everything is in place legally and officially. And believe it or not, Dalton and Marilyn are best buds already.

Last minute planning. The Los Angeles County Fair is back in full swing and I have two weekend passes to enjoy it while we can. Shawn and I have already made our game plan. Everything we eat we are going to split. This gives us a chance to eat more and try different foods. I’m still getting my own funnel cake. He can have his fudge. There will be riding those ridiculously rickety rides, eating everything deep fried, petting every sheep and cow I can, dressing up and taking old fashioned pictures, carefully scrutinizing this years Blue Ribbon winners. I’m excited. But I’m also depressed. The fair lasts a month but once it’s gone it’s really sad to see it go for such a long time.

Intense cleaning. The never ending task of making a family of fours apartment look like an immaculate, sophisticated single woman lives here. Impossible! Instead, there are mountains of unfolded and dirty laundry. There are bathroom floors that need a scrubbing. There are clothes and shoes that needed to be boxed and taken to the Goodwill. There are bins of yarn that need organizing and needles that need to return to their cozies. I suppose it doesn’t help that enhancing the yarn stash will help to eliminate my unorganized knitting nature, will it? But who would say no to Sundara? After being a Seasons memeber this year and scoring some sock yarn, I’m hooked. It doesn’t help that she is opening up new sock and sweater clubs. It’s dangerous. Take a look for yourself.

Sundara Sock Tuscan Rose over Lemonade.

Homework help. For me. Not Jem. I started my first French class last Wednesday and thoroughly enjoyed it. This weeks homework: List 15 words from the English language that are actually French words. Then list another 10 French cognates. How about: The lingerie boutique was a chic place to rendevous? Or the chaffeur drove us to the bistro where we ate patisserie and cordon bleu filet mignon? Yeah. I’m that good. I even went to bed one night thinking of words to add to the list. Who knew French could be so fun?

Beginning French class. Oui, oui Madame!

Of course, this is really nothing because my to do list for the week. Aside from the random humdrum daily tasks I have 24 things that need to be done, which include finishing Etsy orders, making phone calls, making appointments, packing and shipping, letter writing, returning DVD’s and library books. I’m tired already and I haven’t done much of anything today. Looks like I should start now while the goings good.