mrs. moneybags

scout needed a little swag for all the money she’s been earning by being a big helper girl. i threw together a little clutch to hold her treasures but i think a bag to match might be in the making too.

{fabrics by moda}



yesterday i decided it was time to do something with my copy of zombie felties besides let it gather dust on a bookshelf. so i took a trip to the craft store and bought some beads and glue. i brought out my box of wool felt, so many colors to choose from. the end result:

{zombie bunny}

dressed up

finally got the little push i needed to figure out how to put this top together for scout. it only took me months but what’s a few months? she was sporting her new top when it was all sunny and bright this morning. very spring-ish.

{ using an amy butler print that i bought last year }

{ the matter of fact pose }

{ ruffle-ness}

in the end it all became clear, but the instructions weren’t very clear with me. maybe because i’m really not a seamstress. sure i can put a few things together every now and again, but i have to take comfort that i’m just a knitter. yes, just a knitter. { smile }

Busy Work

That’s what a lot of my life has been consisting of since Friday. Busy work. I have some good news and I have some bad news as well.

I’ll start with the bad and then work my way up. As many of you know I’ve had a lot of emotional problems in my life. Unfortunately it seems like some of the problems have been genetically transferred to Jem and he suffers from ADD and another condition called ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder, it’s considered a mood disorder). The past few months Jem’s behavior has escalated from bad to worse. There have been empty threats at sending him to military school (I’m not in a financial position) or having the police arrest him for the things he’s been doing (mainly, he’s been physical towards Scout and he is 100 lbs. larger and 9 years older). Friday was not a good day for him and it exploded out of control around 5:00. Long story short the sheriffs picked him up and transferred him to a children’s psychiatric facility so that they could monitor his medications and confirm his diagnosis. I’ve met with another therapist (this will be the third that’s made this comment) that believes that Jem might have a mild case of autism. It shows with his social development and relationships. While it scares me, that word, it brings me some relief because maybe that is what’s really wrong and we’ve been treating him for the wrong malady. I don’t really know. I do know that I want Jem to get the help he needs because he obviously doesn’t want it from me. And I now that as often as I ask for “peace and quiet”, when he asks me what I want, I’d much prefer to be arguing with him than for him to be so far away and me feeling helpless.

The good news is that Shawn and I have been communicating a little more. We had a little bit of a problem with him not calling when he said he would which causes a lot of anxiety for me. But yesterday he came over in the afternoon and we had a wonderful time watching TV and “The Warriors” on DVD. I grilled some sirloin steaks and corn and for dessert we had chocolate shakes from Jack in the Box (I had  a buy one, get one coupon). He spent the night and I ended up waking up right before he left for work, it was like old times. I’m hoping the more that we work on our relationship the sooner he will realize that he wants to be home permanently.

In the meantime I’ve spent a lot of time using my sewing machine. Maybe it’s because I don’t normally have a lot of chances at it. Yesterday I got busy making a Barbie doll for Scout using the new Wee Wonderfuls: 24 New Dolls to Sew and Love.

{ Barbie }

Made using 100% wool felt and Michael Miller cotton prints.

Eyes and mouth are both hand embroidered.

I modified the dress, instead of hand sewing gathering stitches I decided to make a casing and add some elastic. It has the same effect. I also omitted the collar for the dress. The next one will have a more “professional” outfit. Yes, there will be another one. Barbie needs friends, you know?


I’ve been trying to keep myself busy. Life here has taken another high on the rollercoaster of life. Yesterday I went to a Dr. appt. where they suggested a day treatment program to manage my anxiety. (I don’t think so.) Then I went to the library and paid my $23.81 fine for a book that Rogue ate. (I never did read the book.) Then Shawn and I got into a fight but then we talked later. (His communication has been lacking the past couple of days.) As my mom and I stopped at the bank to grab some cash her car broke down. While we should have been driving to my Dr. who is supposed to be taking x-rays of my right shoulder because Rogue pulled too hard and now it’s very painful.

All of that I could handle. What I couldn’t handle was Jem. Over the past few weeks, he’s been progressively acting out. This time he took it upon himself to try and discipline Scout (which she wouldn’t hear of). I made the decision to have the police get involved. Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t know. I do know it’s been the hardest decision I’ve had to make. Choice A: Go to a psychiatric hospital to have him evaluated and stabilized (since we aren’t sure if the meds are even helping him). Choice B: Press charges against him for battery and have him processed in the juvenile system. I chose A because I think someone needs to help him emotionally. I always ask for peace and quiet, but it’s too quiet without him. I miss my little baby. He may not be so little, but he’s still my baby boy. This has been very hard on everyone.

On a lighter note, I have been focusing on everything else. Whether it’s bleaching the walls or choosing a color scheme for the living room. I’ve been browsing Etsy for wall art and have started to make some of my own.

A little of my handiwork:

{hand drawn little bird with three hearts using Vineyard Merino}

{love in a nice cherry red Vineyard silk}

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{a new pillowcase for my bedroom}

{with a cute little ruffle}

{a yellow bird gathered clutch, for my school supplies}

I also cut two dresses and made them into summer blouses. And I hemmed the recycled denim skirt that had began to collect dust on my dining room table.

In the works: little bird patchwork wall hanging, a wool feltie doll from WeeWonderful’s new book, writing chore charts for Jem, painting the living room, knitting Mara, and hopefully (cross your fingers because I could use extra prayers) I’ll be spending some time with Shawn. I could really use a shoulder to lean on. If only for a little while. Until Jem comes home.

Sew Much

I woke up this morning with some motivation. I’m not sure what my inspiration was. All I know is that I had this intense desire to sew today. My sewing machine hasn’t been used (by me) in at least two three months. I dug out some fabrics that I had bought in the Spring and decided to make myself a little zippered bag because Rogue ate the plastic one I used to contain my cosmetics. (She loves chewing on plastics.)

I decided on the Michael Miller fabrics I bought because the hedgehogs are too hard to resist. I mean, they are hedgehogs! And then stumbled upon this tutorial. It stands to reason that they’d go hand in hand.

So I began my journey. Ironing, cutting, threading…and then on to the little hedgehogs.

Filled up with my make up.

The inner lining.

And because I’d had a very hard day dealing my anxiety, a treat perked me right up. (I love the knock of the mail man as he hand delivers me a package.)

And I love the hand delivered packages Scout brings me. I like them best when they aren’t little creatures.


Three seems to be the inevitable age of precious, pink cheeked, cooing babies turning into monstrous, out of control, I’m-gonna-hold-my-breath-until-I-pass-out toddlers. Ah, these will be the years to remember.

Ever since coming home with only a three-quarter finished dress I’ve gotten nothing but grief from my precocious (and questioning) little angel. I suppose the “gimme now” concept is something I’ve instilled upon her. After all, I can’t take credit for being patient. I’m the meaning of impatient.

And I guess that’s a good thing.

I’ve had quite a bit of a good thing lately. And that feels, well, good.

{She was saying “I miss Gramma”.}

{“I love daddy”.}

{“Easter Bunny, gimme chocolate.”}

Yeah. It’s all good.