brand new day

an unexpected weekend. the days didn’t go according to plans. we had to work with what we had, which amounted to no cash and a debit card with my mom’s name on it (of course, we don’t share the same last name.)

it started on Friday. Shawn’s paycheck didn’t get deposited to his account (or 80% of the company’s, for that matter). so instead of Scout spending the weekend with Shawn, she stayed with me. we tried to make the best of the day, but unfortunately it started out with bad news. the short story: i have arthritis in both ankle joints. the right is much more severe, as there is not much cartilage providing cushion anymore. the quick fix is to wear a supportive brace every day, keep off my feet (yeah, right), and take Celebrex daily. there’s been much talk about having a joint fusion surgery. yes, another surgery. some of the good news included: a Lantern Moon owl measuring tape arrived, so did two skeins of Spud & Chloe Fine yarn. also, some good news in the child support department. (which i’m keep my fingers crossed for, because the end result might be a check that would help us immensely. especially in the housing department.) the night ended with being served dinner by James Gandolfini. that’s right. it was a delicious Italian meal too.

Saturday. i decided to take Scout down to Santa Monica, with a stop at a local yarn store. unfortunately, the customer service was lacking and i’ve made a decision to stop purchasing yarn there. i don’t want to spend what money i do have where people are rude. it’s the principle, you know? we turned the day around and went to the pier. but that’s where my mom’s debit card came in. Scout wanted to ride the roller coasters. but they wouldn’t accept her card since my i.d. didn’t match. so we ended up getting Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream cones, watching birds dive in the ocean, and looking through the telescope. it might have been the best 50 cents i ever spent.


{a look of wonder and amazement}


{and smiles. lots of smiles.}

the day ended up with a check for $180 to deposit into the bank. that was nice to come home to, i tell you.

Sunday. church. shopping. McDonald’s. a short nap on the bus.

good thing for brand. new. days.


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