end of the year

i don’t think i’m alone when i say that i’m more than happy to say farewell to 2010. the year has had it’s shares of ups and downs.

two thousand ten:

i lost fifty five pounds in twelve months.

i went back to school in spring, though i had to drop out in fall (i will be returning this coming spring).

i’ve managed to find a new psychiatrist and general practitioner.

shawn and i split up (but there is a glimmer of hope that we will get back together).

rogue ran away a couple of days ago (please keep her in your thoughts).

i lost one home but gained another.

i learned to eat healthier.

i returned to church with arms wide open.

i gave up beading and scrapbooking, but i took up embroidery.

i read 19 books.

i’ve managed to organize my internet and my home. i’m feeling a little more at peace with this new found space.

i got one new tattoo that makes me smile every time i see it.

i learned how to reconfigure my computer after it crashed.

i knit one sweater. (not quite my goal, but next year i expect i’ll have more time to knit.)

i’ve given up on swaps.

my little boy turned twelve, my little girl turned four and i turned thirty.

i watched every episode of “survivor” and was so happy with this years winner. go fabio!

i reconnected with old high school friends on facebook.

i stuck with going to the gym.

i got a car (a week ago).

i started my first sweater for two thousand eleven (it’s hannah fetting’s effortless cardigan using madelinetosh dk in stovepipe).

and i’ve gained a new friend.

(her name is astrid. she’s a four year old lynx point siamese cat that i rescued from the animal shelter. she’s feisty but a lover. she likes to clean her litter box and hide under blankets. she’s also been known to play with yarn.)



2 thoughts on “end of the year

  1. Sounds like you have a good start on the new year. Best wishes in all that you do. I’ll be keeping up with you here.

  2. What a darling kitty! I’m so very sorry to hear about Rogue though 😦 Has she come back yet?

    I know it’s been a rough year for you, but I have a good feeling this year will be SO much better! Take good care of you and the kids and stay in touch! Big hugs 🙂

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