the move was hasty, not everything made it. but the kids are here and that is what’s most important. so much has been going on but nothing very interesting to report.

i had to drop my classes due to the move. i’m pretty bummed out, but february will be here quicker than expected and i’ll be back to the daily grind of notebooks, index cards, highlighters and all night study sessions soon enough.

thanksgiving was, for the most part, quiet and uneventful. i didn’t burn the rolls this year.

my 30th birthday was peaceful. i spent a good portion of my check on some madelinetosh merino light and sweetgeorgia tough love sock (in a purple colorway, believe it or not). i also went to my favorite bakery (ok, my second favorite bakery) and got a delicious sandwich and box of goodies.

{delicious knee socks in sweetgeorgia tough love sock in blackberry}

{solstice steve from rebecca danger’s holly,ivy, steve mini monster ornaments.}

as you can see, there’s been knitting.

a lot of knitting.

and you know what? it feels good.

it feels good to be home.




3 thoughts on “.home.

  1. hi a.j.! glad you guys made the move in one piece! i received your letter the other day and started to write you back, but realized I’d thrown out the envelope to the letter without writing down your new address. can you email it to me? your new projects look great! love the purple!

  2. AJ! I did some back reading on your bloggy and I’m SO sorry about everything you’ve been going through 😦 What a terrible tough time. I am glad that you have a new home though and that the move went well! I have a feeling that this will be just what you need to get a fresh new start in time for the holidays 🙂

    Happy belated birthday! So very sorry I missed it 😦 I hope it was perfect!

    When you are all settled I’d love to have your new snail mail address if you are o.k. sharing it! I promise I won’t send you 100 pizzas or 2 tons of junk mail or anything 🙂 Happy Holidays! XO

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