it’s been four years and a month. it’s time for a new change. it’s time for a new home. i’ll be away from this space while i pack and move my old home and make way for a brand new home. till then. xox.


3 thoughts on “moving

  1. Excellent! That might just be what you need. A new environment can do wonders. Shake out all the old, air it out and start anew. Good for you!

  2. Hey there,
    just “found” your sweet blog…love it!
    Been “snooping” around a bit…love the tattoo! Did you get it colored yet?
    Would love to see it!And you lost 50lbs.?? WOW!!! Awesome!! I need to know more…

    Good luck for your move!

  3. Hi, my heart goes out to you. I want to comfort you and make a safe place for you and weep with you for what you’ve been through recently, but only Jesus can do that. He is my peace I hope you will open the door of your heart and let Him be yours too.

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