– the truth is that i am so close to having finished knitting mara but something keeps holding me back from those last couple rows of ruffle.

– the truth is that i’ve been very unmotivated to go to school (because of the following cirumstances).

– the truth is that i allowed someone in my house because of a good friend and she turned out to be a thief. she stole my brand new 160 gb iPod. the one that i can’t afford to replace. the one that i just bought less than a month ago.

– the truth is that for the past four months i’ve had a stalker. i’ve had to change my phone number. i’ve had to change my email address.

– the truth is that someone has been trying to break into my garage which has direct access to my apartment. (maintenance finally came to repair some of the damage, after four months of phone calls. the last one with me crying hysterically.)

– the truth is that i’m scared.

– the truth is that i don’t want to leave my home. i’ve isolated myself and it’s really affecting the way that i live. including sleep induced comas from the xanax and hours of crying. i have a hard time functioning.

– the truth is i am trying very hard to overcome all of this and get my life back on track. i feel like i’ve been missing out on so much of life.



One thought on “truth

  1. The truth is that life sucks for you right now, but you are not alone and there are lots of people who care about you.
    The truth is you will survive all of this because the very fact that you can write it down shows how strong you are.
    Hang on to your truths

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