hard to believe.

1. i’ve accomplished three items on my bucket list that i started in august.

2. nothing tops peanut butter and chocolate.

3. i have a slight addiction to purchasing knitting patterns on Ravelry.

4. i’ve failed, epically, in my book and sweater challenges for 2010.

5. today i ate the juciest, sweetest nectarine of my lifetime.

6. i’ve been thinking about moving to Washington after my lease is up.

7. i ended up dropping my Speech class. i’m both disappointed and happy.

8. i’ve made numerous mistakes on my Mara shawl, i feel like a first year knitter. (it’s garter stitch and yarn overs for heaven’s sake!)

9. i met a guy. a good guy. a good guy that wants to move forward.

10. Jem bought me a new Littlest Pet Shop. i just learned that they have a special edition JAGUAR. i. must. get. it.

11. i miss my Blockbuster online account terribly.

12. i’m down to a size 14 in clothes. i’m steadily losing more weight. i’m down 60 lbs.

13. i’ve been daydreaming about having a wonderfully jolly Christmas.

14. i’m planning Scout’s fourth birthday party, it’ll be her very first big party.

15. i’m working on a US History paper. the topic is “social roles of women in the 1920s”.

16. i have a hankering for homemade cinnamon bread but i don’t have a recipe. any ideas?

17. i need to make a headband for Scout’s Belle costume for Halloween. Jem needs a cape.

18. last night i went to bed around 1:30 a.m. and woke up at 10:30. it was glorious!

19. my iPod has been attached to my ears quite a bit lately.

20. i saw “machete” and “devil”; i still need to see “case 39”.

21. i’ve queued at least 5 new sweaters on my Ravelry queue.

22. i started customizing my Blythe doll.

23. i still have a hard time going to bed alone at night.

24. i want to learn how to make slow cooked beef chimichangas.

25. the current library book i am trying to get through is over a month due. i owe $7.30.

26. i’m in love with the idea of love.

27. i’ve been anxiety free for three days.

28. i bought a peach snapple yesterday. the snapple fact said “dolphins sleep with one eye open”.

29. i’ve been wanting to get a kitten lately. but i won’t.


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