Today was Scout’s first day of preschool. I anticipated crying and tantrums. But no, she held me hand. We found her name tag. She washed her hands. We put her extra clothes in her cubby hole. She showed me all the different activities set up: Mr. Potato Head, crayons and white paper, trays of Legos, markers…

I told her I’d be leaving soon and she looked up at me and replied, “K, mama. Bye”. Then she waved me away and she was gone.

She’s growing oh-so-much! First day of school. First day without her mama. First day of a new beginning. A lot of firsts going on here.


One thought on “First

  1. So no crying by her. What about you?

    My husband tells me of sending his boy off to the first day of kindergarten. He and his best pal linked arms, walked in together and never looked back. DH still tears up a little — even though the boy is now 36 with two little ones of his own!

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