I’ve been trying to keep myself busy. Life here has taken another high on the rollercoaster of life. Yesterday I went to a Dr. appt. where they suggested a day treatment program to manage my anxiety. (I don’t think so.) Then I went to the library and paid my $23.81 fine for a book that Rogue ate. (I never did read the book.) Then Shawn and I got into a fight but then we talked later. (His communication has been lacking the past couple of days.) As my mom and I stopped at the bank to grab some cash her car broke down. While we should have been driving to my Dr. who is supposed to be taking x-rays of my right shoulder because Rogue pulled too hard and now it’s very painful.

All of that I could handle. What I couldn’t handle was Jem. Over the past few weeks, he’s been progressively acting out. This time he took it upon himself to try and discipline Scout (which she wouldn’t hear of). I made the decision to have the police get involved. Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t know. I do know it’s been the hardest decision I’ve had to make. Choice A: Go to a psychiatric hospital to have him evaluated and stabilized (since we aren’t sure if the meds are even helping him). Choice B: Press charges against him for battery and have him processed in the juvenile system. I chose A because I think someone needs to help him emotionally. I always ask for peace and quiet, but it’s too quiet without him. I miss my little baby. He may not be so little, but he’s still my baby boy. This has been very hard on everyone.

On a lighter note, I have been focusing on everything else. Whether it’s bleaching the walls or choosing a color scheme for the living room. I’ve been browsing Etsy for wall art and have started to make some of my own.

A little of my handiwork:

{hand drawn little bird with three hearts using Vineyard Merino}

{love in a nice cherry red Vineyard silk}

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{a new pillowcase for my bedroom}

{with a cute little ruffle}

{a yellow bird gathered clutch, for my school supplies}

I also cut two dresses and made them into summer blouses. And I hemmed the recycled denim skirt that had began to collect dust on my dining room table.

In the works: little bird patchwork wall hanging, a wool feltie doll from WeeWonderful’s new book, writing chore charts for Jem, painting the living room, knitting Mara, and hopefully (cross your fingers because I could use extra prayers) I’ll be spending some time with Shawn. I could really use a shoulder to lean on. If only for a little while. Until Jem comes home.


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