Sew Much

I woke up this morning with some motivation. I’m not sure what my inspiration was. All I know is that I had this intense desire to sew today. My sewing machine hasn’t been used (by me) in at least two three months. I dug out some fabrics that I had bought in the Spring and decided to make myself a little zippered bag because Rogue ate the plastic one I used to contain my cosmetics. (She loves chewing on plastics.)

I decided on the Michael Miller fabrics I bought because the hedgehogs are too hard to resist. I mean, they are hedgehogs! And then stumbled upon this tutorial. It stands to reason that they’d go hand in hand.

So I began my journey. Ironing, cutting, threading…and then on to the little hedgehogs.

Filled up with my make up.

The inner lining.

And because I’d had a very hard day dealing my anxiety, a treat perked me right up. (I love the knock of the mail man as he hand delivers me a package.)

And I love the hand delivered packages Scout brings me. I like them best when they aren’t little creatures.


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