Something is better than nothing (in most cases). So this is the best that I can do under the circumstances.

What circumstances are they? you would ask.

And I would reply:

  • I’ve been having a lot of anxiety lately and have had to call the paramedics due to a severe anxiety attack.
  • My insomnia has been causing many restless nights. And my mania has been controlling my every move.
  • I have not been able to register for my pre-requisites in the Nursing program and won’t be able to register for another week! The first Anatomy class I wanted (it would have given me the perfect class schedule) only has 5 spaces available and they only have room for 26 in each class. I feel like I’m doomed, but I have to get this done.
  • I’m awaiting a loan and as money can do, it seems to spend itself before it’s even gotten to my bank account. It seems like there is an overhelmingly large amount of bills lately. I don’t know how much exactly. I just know I don’t like to look at the totals.
  • And finally, and most importantly, Shawn has decided to come home. I don’t want to say too much because the situation is highly personal. Needless to say that he’s decided he wants to be with me again. It’s a very emotional time for me and I’m having a hard time with the nervousness of my overanalyzing brain. I’m looking hard into counseling. I hope that we can find someone who will help us move on and repair the damage that’s been caused.

I’m sure you’d all expect that I was just a zombie like creature getting by day by day. I’ve done quite a bit around the house and I have very creative plans. Much of it includes painting, new beds and a sewing nook. And while my sewing has gone by the wayside (you should have seen how dusty my sewing machine was), I did finish up a knit baby blanket that I started in April. The baby was born just a few days ago, though the intended little boy was actually a 7 lb. baby girl. I hope that she will find comfort in the blanket I made. I actually made it for her grandpa. He wanted me to make her something special and that really warms my heart right now.

{ Fan and Feather Baby Blanket}

Red Heart Eco Ways in Oyster, approximately 5.5 skeins

US 7 needles.

Edging is garter stitch.


4 thoughts on “Something

  1. The blanket looks beautiful! I am sending prayers your direction. Things work themselves out and everything happens for a reason. Try to stay positive and focus on the good.

  2. I’m so glad to see you posting here. Something IS better than nothing – and for someone concerned about you (that’s me) it’s nice to see your words. Keep seeking out the help you need and continue believing in yourself…you can do what needs doing. I’m sending positive vibes your way for healing, health and self-love.


  3. So happy to see you posting here today. Something is always better than nothing. I pray you find the help you need to continue on a positive way. I am sure that scout is happy to have her daddy back also.
    I love the fan and feather blanket. I have made it before and I really like it in that cream color. It looks so pretty.

  4. i’m glad you’re back to blogging again and that things have improved since your last post. keep your head up! praying that things only get better from here on out. also, that blanket looks fantastic. i wish i could crochet!

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