First Swim of Spring

My children suckered politely asked me to take them to the pool because, as they would say, “All of my friends are out there”. With a sigh I reluctantly gathered my Namaste bag. I added my copy of Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique, filled a large glass with homemade lemonade and brought along some knitting. I knew well beforehand that there was no way the kids could bribe me into getting into that cold weather. Usually we get 90-100 degree weather right about now. The Spring we wish for is usually Summer already. But this year has been different and I’ve been going with it because, in all reality, I don’t like the hot, humid, dry summers we experience in Santa Clarita.

Still, I acquiesed and we went to the pool.

Scout wasn’t too sure once she jumped in the first time. It’s almost as if she had forgotten how to swim. Instead of swimming she decided that the safest place was on the steps where she could get in and out if the boys decided to throw their splash-fests her way.

You gotta love ruffley butts, right?


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