I don’t know if you noticed but I have been absent from my little space for a few days. Last Thursday my mother took me to the ER because some of the more recent medications that my Dr. prescribed were making me feel both emotionally and physically ill. I spent a few days at the hospital where the boredom got the better of me. But I met a few people. Smart and good people. And by Monday morning I felt like someone gave me an energy boost and I felt great. So here I am.

At home.

I constantly grab Scout for a hug and a kiss.

I have been talking to Jem more. We’ve decided we (our family) need to have more parties and family time. We are planning a tea party for Saturday while Shawn races in the big leagues.

My mom and I are getting along. Almost too well.

Every day I become more amazed by the little sprouts that are slowly becoming part of my herb garden.

I am appreciating the healthy foods I can eat as compared to the “I’m not sure that’s really turkey” meals that the hospital served.

I am grateful that my Political Science teacher has been very accomodating and is allowing me to take a make up exam for our second test.

I’m trying to slow down my life and am learning not to rush into everything else. Sometimes I don’t stay grounded long enough and I find that I become completely overwhelmed by the business of the world.

I am learning how to save and spend money because our finances (unfortunately) have been decreased by $200 a month and for us that’s a lot.

During the hospital stay I was very disappointed in the “free time” activities that the hospital provided. There were games missing pieces, decks of cards that were incomplete, jigsaw puzzles missing pieces, an out of tune piano and a broken CD player. I’ve decided that I need to take some initiative to help them. So far we’ve donated coloring books, crayons and decks of cards. Thursday I will be dropping off paperback novels and some jigsaw puzzles I found at Wal Mart.

I am happy to be home.

With my family and close friends.

And Rogue. Even though she ate everything in my purse last week (including my iPod ear buds, my checkbook with brand new checks, a hardcover library book, a few Pull Ups and my Moleskine day planner). She was so happy to see me. I instantly forgave her. So yes, I am happy to be here with her too.

Til next time. (You should be here next time, I finally finished my Minimalist Cardigan. Hooray!)


6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Glad you’re feeling better. Life has downs but then life has ups too. Keep going up and up and up.

    Be well.

  2. Hope that you’re feeling better. It’s good sometimes to slow down and appreciate the little things. Looking forward to seeing your cardi.

  3. So glad you are feeling better. Keep looking after yourself it is so important. I am dying to see your cardi. That one has been on my wish list for a while.

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