Not Much

going on here.

My weekend officially began yesterday afternoon. I’ve been somewhat productive. The windows are washed, cobwebs have been removed from the corners of the ceiling, the DVD’s are back in alphabetical order, the TV is shiny and clear, the stovetop is sparkling, and I’m still tackling a hallway of dirty laundry. But there are still things to do. I need to go to the library to work on my History research paper (my topic is Anne Boleyn), make a deposit in my checking accout, buy some laundry soap and sponges (to replace what I’ve used today), and return and exchange a couple of DVD’s.

And yet here I am saying that “not” much is happening.

In all reality, there really isn’t anything going on that I need to announce. Of course, I have my thoughts.

* How did this funny looking Austrian man convince an entire country to rise up against an entire religious community? (History, we are discussing WWII.)

* How is California ever going to get out of it’s deficit? (Political Science.)

* Why are there only four guys sitting in on my Women’s Studies class? (Sociology)

* Why are we missing six Scooby Doo DVD’s and where did they disappear to?

* Is it considered ass kissing if I knit something for my Political Science teachers’ baby? If not, what pattern should I choose?

* Why do pizza places charge a $2.50 delivery fee and then expect a tip in addition to the delivery fee?

* Why can’t I just sit down and knit? Especially when I have such cute stitch markers to accompany my Tea Leaves Cardigan. (They were made special by Jillian of WeeOnes Stitch Markers. I had her make me a second set of Dalton.)

And a set of Rogue.

I think I’m quite ready for the weekend. Til then, have a good one yourself.


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