I wasn’t on a vacation.

I was on an illcation.

You know, when you are ill and all you can do is lay down and sit up for limited amounts of time.

Apparently I got food poisoning from a Subway sandwich the night that Shawn and I were going out for his birthday.

Luckily we bought his cake Thursday and I didn’t get sick until Saturday. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss his cake.

{It’s chocolate everything.}

There’s been no knitting. No sewing. No nothing.

Except for one thing.

There was shopping.

I bought some Dream In Color Classy for my Tea Leaves Cardigan. (I ordered from Eat. Sleep. Knit. and  I won a skein of Dream In Color Smooshy. Woo hoo!)

{Good Luck Jade.}

And then yesterday afternoon while I was checking my inbox I got a new message telling me that I was exclusively invited to my not so local LYS’ Sunday Sale from February 3-5. Meaning, I get to check out their sale stock first. Woo hoo! (Again.) I picked up some Rowan Wool/Cotton for my Sabbatical Sweater, a few skeins of Glacier Del Cielo for a top for Scout and a few skeins of Rowan All Seasons Cotton for a hat she wants.

And that’s it. I promise. Yarn wise, anyway.

I’ve kept my eye on a few new books,

all of which are going to get me in trouble because I’m already neck deep in projects. I’ve already planned two quilts and some feltie projects. And I have sewing classes starting next week. And I just recently found a little hole in the wall embroidery shop with the most gorgeous designs I’ve ever seen. I might need CA. (You know, Crafters Anonymous?)

The rest of my illcation was spent on sleep. I’ve been sleeping a lot. And you know what? It feels so good.

As for the “Meet Bob and Steve” contest! Our winner is: #4! Alisa! Alisa, email me at iknit(dot)ipurl(at)yahoo(dot)com, with your color preferences and once I get back to the sewing machine I’ll send along your customized kitty. Thanks everyone for playing! I’ll have a new contest up next week.

Til then, I’m taking a nap.


10 thoughts on “Illcation

  1. Ok – so much to say on this post:

    * Food Poisoning = oh gag! Sorry.

    * Dream in Color Classy – good luck jade = been there, LOVED that – yay!

    * Eat.Sleep.Knit = LOVE LOVE LOVE and free yarn!!

    * Chocolate Everything Birthday Cake = help me!

    * Sleep = nice. restorative. sleep.


  2. Wow! Thank you! I’m so glad you’re feeling better. Food poisoning is horrible. Glad you made it through Shawn’s birthday and that cake looks too delicious!
    Jealous of all the yummy yarn!
    Can’t wait to see what you create next.

  3. hey hunny here you are!! I could not get in through link on email! LOVE your blog! I am so so sorry you are sick, sending you big hugs, and get well wishes to make that darn food poisoning go away, I hope you feel better soon xxx ….I ADORE that colour wool, OMG imagine what you could make with it!!!
    get well soon hunny, hugs mandyxx

  4. Do hope you are feeling better very soon! Ugh, food poisoning…not fun… That cake is GORGEOUS! and so is that yarn for Tea Leaves! I have Tea Leaves on my to-knit list too, but still hunting for the “perfect” yarn. Wonderful stack of reading… Happy Days :o)

  5. Arrgggh… the old Subway food poisoning! Several years ago we were 250 miles from home and stopped at a Subway. I had chicken and dumpling soup. Sickest I’ve ever been; I missed Thanksgiving completely. Haven’t been to a Subway since. Last time we took a trip, I considered going again.

    Nah, I’ll stick to Chick-Fila.

    Yarn is lovely! Look forward to pictures of tea leaves cardigan. Green tea is, after all, very good for you. 🙂

  6. Now that I’ve been able to read the words around the cake… a friend of mine opened up a quilt store next door to our LYS so I spend a lot of time drifting back and forth between them helping out and doing things on both sides. I’ve started quilting again at her insistance that I’m cheating on her and have to stop. I’m even working on a knitted patchwork pattern for their stores.

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