Loss For Words

The past couple of days I’ve been at a loss for words. I’ve been waking up with these hideous headaches and absolutely no motivation to do anything. Of course, the dishes get washed and the laundry gets folded. But for the most part the wonderful wet rain has gotten me in a lazy mood.

It takes a little bit longer to wake up in the morning. I lay in bed, under cover, and listen to the drip, drip, drip of the rain as it hits the puddles outside our bedroom window.

I find that my afternoons have been filled with warming up in an oversized blanket and laying around the couch. I’ve even been known to fall asleep with Scout laying in my arms. Her light snoring is like a metronome. Spellbinding. Rythmic.

In the evenings I tend to come to life. It’s dinner time and the household is on edge. What will it be tonight? Chicken Parmigiano Strips with Spaghetti. Brown Butter and Balsamic Tortellini. Or maybe some Navy Bean Soup. It all depends.

And then for no known reason I’m off to bed at 8:30. I get back under cover and flick on the table lamp and I begin reading. Right now it’s Daphne. I slowly fall asleep thinking of Morgan and Luna, characters in a short story that I’ve been formulating.

Next thing I know it’s morning all over again.

But with this laziness comes a bit of a hidden depression. Maybe because the rain inhibits me from getting all the things done that I need to do. Like walk Rogue. She’s completely and utterly afraid of falling water. Or getting to the library to pick up some books for Scout (we read two to three at nap time and I’d completely ran out for three days straight). Or even getting to the grocery store because I completely forgot to buy some flat parsley.

Whatever it is I believe Shawn saw through it. So he treated me to a drive in the rain and I small shopping spree at the not so local LYS.

I’d decided to get some yarn for the Cedar Leaf Shawlette that I fell in love with. I mean, look at those little leaves!

{Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend}

I’d also perused the shop to see if there was anything I could do about substituting yarn for the Sabbatical Cardigan in this issue of Twist Collective. I didn’t quite find what I was looking for so I’m going to keep searching until I find the most perfect yarn for this gorgeous sweater. So instead, I decided on just one more skein of SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock because…well, because. I also snuck in a copy of the new KnitScene and the new Debbie Bliss Magazine because…well, again, because.

{SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock in Mist}

And just to prove to you that I haven’t been completely lazy, I have been using my sewing machine.

You’ll just have to wait to see what this is all about.

Til then: Stay Dry and Stay Warm.


7 thoughts on “Loss For Words

  1. I want that owl! Pictures like that make me wish my sewing machine and I could form a truce. Sorry about the headaches.
    Just know, with the amount of rain we’ve had, you are not the only one hibernating. If I didn’t have kids I had to drive to and fro, I would not have left my house all week.
    You’ll have to fill me in on this not so local yarn shop. I don’t have any real sources for good yarn!
    Hope you’re feeling better with the sunshine, even if it is freezing outside!

  2. I know how you feel about lacking energy eith all the rain and gloomy weather. to combat this i usually head to the gym after i drop the kiddos off at school and work out a bit and then take a hot shower there. by the time i get home i have lots more energy. (our gym has a very nice day care where you can leave a kiddo under seven for up to 1 1/2 hrs). Love the yarn you got – so luxurious – and can’t wait to see what you’re piecing!

  3. I’m sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well, hopefully you were able to get a little rest over the weekend?

    Your package went out last week (Friday) and you should have it soon! I hope that it’s a bit of a bright spot if you’re still not feeling well. I had a lot of fun shopping for your yarn, it was very tempting to keep it for myself, but I managed to part with it. πŸ˜› I couldn’t find a rich brown that was quite as thin as true fingering, it’s a little thicker, more towards sport. HOWEVER… it’s the most beautiful rich brown in the shop.

    Anyway, all that blathering is all in the hopes of getting you excited about your package in the mail. Have a great week!

  4. I can’t wait to see your Shawlette. The little leaves are so cute. And I absolutely love the cardigan. Can’t wait to see it also. It would take me forever to knit something that big. Hopefully your rain will end soon.

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