Could Have Been Riding a Bike

Yesterday, before the dove gray clouds slowly approached, Scout and I took a trip to the toddler park for some student driving lessons. Shawn and I bought her a bedecked pink and purple bike with white tires for Christmas and a matching Barbie helmet. Because really, what girl shouldn’t have a matching Barbie helmet?

But I think the ride to the park (maybe 50 feet) tired her out and she gave up. Not that I mind.

Instead she did some excavating.

But then she caught me peering at her through a lens.

So she chased a blue bird and a few sparrows. When she did not succeed in actually catching said birds she decided to play with a tree. Kinda of ring around the maypole if you will.

There was a little romp on the jungle gym. We (yes, me too) slid down a the straight slides and then the twirly one where I was convinced I’d get stuck. (Those openings are not meant for adults.)

There was a little drawing, followed by “Mom, I lost your pen!”

And then, finally, she hammed it up for me.

Parents, you’d better watch your boys on the playground because this girl is gonna break their hearts!


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