The New Year

It’s officially 2010. Two thousand ten. Or two thousand and ten. Or twenty ten. I suppose it depends on who you ask. All the same, it’s new and fresh. A new beginning. A clean blank slate.

And I have a new obsession.

It started out innocently enough. Honestly. I purchased a Littlest Pet Shop set for Scout, for Christmas. And then I learned they have “limited edition” animals. And you know what their new limited edition animal is? A platypus.

Yes. The quirky and rare platypus.

All common sense was thrown out the window when I found out about their owls, (I only had to pay $13 for a Snowy White Owl on eBay). And then they had a sheepdog, (only $8.08). And then, the ultimate and elusive hedgehog. Yes, hedgehog.

I’m in littlest toy paradise.

But the hedgehog, you see, was not a regular in stock item. In store or on eBay. Not if I wanted to be practical and pay just a few bucks.

Then today it happened.

Shawn and I just happened {insert evil laugh} to go to Wal Mart. Lo and behold I saw the one lonely box sitting on the cold metal shelves.

There he was.

I admit my greed and excitement overcame me. There was a group of giggling girls, not much older than nine or ten I’d say. And they didn’t see it. They didn’t realize the importance of this little creature. Shawn hurriedly grabbed him, threw him in the cart and we were on our way. (After I looked through every single box looking for a Siamese Cat, a Brown Owl, an Opposum, a White Ferret…)

What a way to start the year.


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