Like everyone else in the country that is battling this H1N1 swine flu epidemic I have finally succumbed. There’s been snotty noses, vomitting, Kleenex balls, Halls cough drops (citrus flavored only), sneezing fits, hacking up a lung type coughing…

Shawn and I cut our night short yesterday. Instead of dinner we did lunch that I thoroughly was delighted with. We don’t go out to dinner, at least not just the two of us. The best we can do for the four of us is Souplantation. But instead we went to one of my favorite Italian restaurants, Buca di Beppo.  And then we spent some time at the R/C racetrack where Shawn races his truck. I fell asleep in the car, the iPod still in my mittened hans.

So instead of bowling we ordered a pizza (and a Cinnapie) from Papa John’s and spent the rest of the night home. We watched movies under a blanket and ate the pizza right from the box. All of that seemed fine.

Until it hit me.

I’ve slept most of the day. The other part of the day has been spent wrapped up in my King size microfleece blanket, sitting as comfortably as possible, watching “Perry Mason” movies, and trying to focus on the little tweedy stitches of a new yarn (and a new pattern).

And that’s all she wrote.

As for the giveaway the winner is: Raina. And just because I decided to give out another owl. The second winner is: Abby! Will both of you please email me at iknit (dot) ipurl (at) yahoo (dot) com. I need your mailing addresses and your color preference. Thanks for playing along everyone!


4 thoughts on “Downfall

  1. Augh – sorry to hear the flu has hit. It’s a long road to recovery from this bug – so take it easy and be patient with yourself. Feel better, lady!

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