Paper and Glue

Every year, since I started to scrapbook, I have always gotten creative and made our Christmas cards. And since I only make them for family and close friends I don’t have to worry about making dozens of them for people who might only look at them and then store them away. I try to avoid thinking about my pretty little cards in the trash amongst an abundance of wrapping paper, tape, or fruitcakes.

But this year I wanted to keep it simple because, really, do I need to make two dozen? I certainly don’t. While Scout was painting with her new Crayola washable paints I started making a mess with some scrapbook paper, brads, buttons, glue, distress ink, stamps…

and came up with this.

So even if I can’t afford forty four cents for every person who comments or for every person whose blog I read, I’m giving you holiday wishes via my blog. You may not get it in your mail but you can always look at it on your computer. I think that’s just as good. Don’t you?


6 thoughts on “Paper and Glue

  1. I remember the first year we were married, my husband & I made all of our Christmas cards, complete with paint, beads, ribbon, sewing, stamping. It was fun, creative. We both enjoyed it; my mother still has hers tucked away in the top drawer of her bureau. And then somehow, life happens and Christmas card making gets put on the back burner. So I think simplicity is a good thing. I suppose it’s the making of the card that is more important than the idea of what will the receiver of the card will do with it -I know it’s difficult to think about it ending up in the trash…all that hard work. I like your idea of a virtual card (but I’m old fashioned – I love getting a snail mail card to hold).

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