{rainy day}

Today is a rainy day.

One of those days when you lay in bed and you reminisce about those days when you went off to elementary school, lunchbox in hand. How you ran to your classroom trying not to get your Mary Jane’s wet. How recess was held inside. Games strewn over the double desks. Monopoly, Checkers, Old Maid. How you skipped in and out of the puddles on the way to the lunch room. How you watched the water drip, drip, drip. How there was a sweet scent of children, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and wet rain coats. How the YMCA counselors would open up the auditorium and all the kids would put on fake plays on the stage.

Those days are over, but they are lovely to remember. We hardly get much rain here in Southern California. Especially in the area we live in now. So when the sweet scent of water and asphalt mixed, I knew we were in for an old fashioned rain “storm”. It’s been raining all day today, so Scout and I had a rainy day inside.

I wonder. I wonder when she’s older, will she remember watching Scooby Doo with me on the couch under my comforter? Will she remember how we had “fair food”, (pizza rolls, soft pretzels with cheese, and cupcakes), and how we practiced our spelling out everything we ate? Will she remember the wonder in her eyes when she looked outside and didn’t really know why there was water falling from the sky? Will she remember the way the wind was so powerful that it shut our bedroom doors and bent the tree boughs right by the patio? Will she remember the sounds of the heavy cars splashing water onto the sidewalks? Yes, I wonder.

While side glancing a few episodes of Scooby Doo I finished up the shoulder warmer that I offered to make on Etsy. I’m happy to have it done. It wasn’t tedious. It wasn’t difficult. But it was time consuming and I am so behind on a few projects. I really need to catch up. And it seems like the rain just may allow it.


Ravelry link

Pattern by Crocheteria

Yarn: Vanna’s Choice Solid, (Charcoal Gray), almost two skeins

Needles: US 8’s and Us 9’s for the ribbing

I still have a scarf and a pair of mittens for Etsy customers to make, but I’m nearly finished and I can’t wait. (Patience, anyone?)

In the midst of our rain and knitting, Scout and I stopped to have a little snack: Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting,


and a little bit of reverie, (for me).


Yes. I think all of these memories are what justify my love for the rainy days we have.


5 thoughts on “{rainy day}

  1. I love rainy days in autumn! I don’t know if she’ll remember all the specifics but I do know she’ll remember being loved and cherished as much as you love her.

    I can’t tell you how much I love your writing and I wish you would channel your gift into a book. That is one that I would jump at the chance to read!

  2. This would be so pretty as a scarf. I love the chunky middle cable. Those cupcakes sound wonderful. I made pumpkin bread the other day. Didn’t turn out so well. Is canned pumpkin hard to find this year or is it just me?

  3. I’ve been haunted by your pumpkin cupcakes and printed out the recipe so I could make some. Here in southeast Texas, it just got a bit cooler and I’m thinking they’d be great to make this weekend. Yum.

    And . . . I agree with Tiennie & Kim 😉

    Hope your weekend is great, AJ

  4. Beautiful post! I grew up in the los angeles area and recall how exciting (and rare) the rainstorms were. your daughter will definitely remember all the snuggling and love that you show her! Hope your recovery from the foot surgery is going well.

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