It’s spelled correctly, really it is.

When my mom was a little girl my grandpa used to call her his “punkin”. When I was little and would visit him he would call me his “punkin”, too. That’s what inspired me. That and the upcoming, hopefully soon, Autumn.


This hat is actually for an Etsy customer, but I decided why not put it on paper, (online, really), and let all enjoy?

Scout is a bit possessive in her young age. Every time I had her try the hat on she would throw a tantrum because she couldn’t keep the hat. Thus,


She must have inherited that face from me because Jem also makes this face.


I should have a pattern up in a day or so.


8 thoughts on “Punkin

  1. This is DARLING!!! Scout looks too cute in it. I love the fall too… maybe it is the colors, the falling leaves, the cool breeze, I don’t know it is just such a wonderful time of year! Hope your having a good week! Talk to you soon!

  2. That’s very cute – the hat and the punkin. My dad called me punkin too and you are right, it’s pronounced punkin, not pumpkin. Pity my punkin is a teenager now and wouldn’t be caught dead in a hat like that. 😀

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