30 Days of Happiness: Scout

Scout has always been a great source of my happiness.

  • From the way she tries to, quietly, wake me up in the morning – shaking my shoulder lightly and whispering “mum” into my ear.
  • The unhealthy relationship she has with watching “Scooby Doo”.
  • Her excitement when we go to a craft shop and she knows she can get a Ring Pop, (today’s flavor was Berry Blue).
  • How she tries so hard, a little too hard, to fart on her Daddy.
  • The way she twirls round and round and shouts, “I’m dancin’.”
  • How she wakes up in the middle of the night and sneakily crawls in between me and Shawn as we sleep.
  • The way she leans into your cup of ice cream, hoping for a big spoonful.
  • Her shoe obsession. Doesn’t matter if they match or not.
  • How her hair is always so crazy.
  • How she jumps into the pool without a care in the world. It doesn’t matter how cold the water is. It doesn’t matter how deep the water is.
  • Her preference of Scooby Snack, (fruit snacks), Capri Sun, peanut butter sandwiches and chicken nuggets. With ketchup. And lots of it.
  • The way she finds a toy that hasn’t been played with for a while. The look on her face is so bright and innocent.

And then there’s that face. It’s ever changing.



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