Trip to the Beach

Out of all the days to go to the beach today should not have been one. After stuffing our faces with croissants and doughnuts on the 101 freeway we took the scenic route up Kanan Road to the beach. We got there early and we ended up leaving early. The fog was a thick as pea soup. We spent about two hours just watching the waves, the surfers, runners and walkers, and the funny little birds that seem to run 20 mph looking for sand crabs.


Even the ocean was a drab gray.


A massive clump of seaweed.


And a very brave, and unrelenting, seagull.

So we didn’t get to swim in the ocean. But we did get home, where it was stick to your car seat interior HOT, and went swimming with Scout. Gotta ♥ having a pool.


4 thoughts on “Trip to the Beach

  1. Great pictures. I’m from the opposite coast, born in Maine, now living in Vermont. I love the ocean, no matter what the weather is. (can you tell by my blog name…lol!)

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