I Can

  • I can make my own strawberry jam.
  • I can still ride a horse.
  • I can sew a quilt.
  • I can read Scout a story that will make her fall asleep.
  • I can speak French and Italian and I know American Sign Language.
  • I can tell you anything you want to know about Marilyn Monroe.
  • I can memorize a knitting pattern in a matter of minutes.
  • I can preserve memories.
  • I can write a poem, short story and maybe a book, (one day).
  • I can dye and cut my own hair.
  • I can scrapbook for 32 hours straight, (I really did this once).
  • I can sell the most Girl Scout cookies.
  • I can recite every word from “Clue” and “Candyman”.
  • I can tell you every song that plays on my iPod on the first beat.
  • I can spay/neuter a cat/dog on my own.
  • I can still remember the one time my dad took me to buy an ice cream.
  • I can recall every moment of Jem and Scout’s birth.
  • I can stretch a dollar.
  • I can pitch a tent on my own.
  • I can save a life.
  • I can creat my own recipes.
  • I can knit for myself, I can knit for others.
  • I can throw a baseball faster than anyone I know, (still).
  • I can bowl a 180, (on a good night).
  • I can change diapers with my eyes closed.
  • I can capture a moment with one photograph.
  • I can still quiet the room with my cooking/baking.
  • I can sing every song from “The Little Mermaid”.
  • I can still roller skate.
  • I can eat an entire 1 lb. box of See’s Candies in one sitting, (I don’t recommend this.)
  • I can remember to stop and smell the roses.
  • I can appreciate a sunset.
  • I can make a friendship bracelet.
  • I can pick out the freshest cantaloupe.
  • I can raise my eyebrows and make Scout laugh.
  • I can beat Shawn at Spades.
  • I can make my own jewelry.
  • I can sew my own clothing.
  • I can wrap a gift like a professional.
  • I can connect with other people.
  • I can appreciate the smell of the dusty old stacks of our library.
  • I can remember the exact moment Shawn told me he loved me.
  • I can remember the feeling of Scout kicking me when I was pregnant.
  • I can.

7 thoughts on “I Can

  1. Wow! That is really impressive. You should be proud because you are a very talented gal. Also I am a little jealous 🙂

  2. What a fun and cool post. I may have to come up with my own list of “i cans” — if you don’t mind my borrowing your idea.

    My favorite on your list: the 1 lb of sees…i’m with you on that sister. I can also eat 16 cadbury creme eggs in a night (also dont’ recommend this).

  3. Lovely post- it’s an empoering thing to list so many thing you CAN do. Maybe if we could all list them loud enough and often enough, the list things we CAN do would crowd out the things we (think) we can’t do that flings shame and guilt from the backs of our brains… hush that list with this one! A great exercise for the mind and spirit!

    I hope you’re having a lovely day-

  4. Indeed you can! Wow. What a list. I think I need to do that for myself. I’m feeling a little can’t see the forest for the trees lately … at least I CAN see the trees! ha!

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