In One Moment

… you can write a grocery list.

… you can download five songs onto iTunes.

… you can forgive someone.

… you can change your clothes three times, shoes twice.

… you can eat a cup of Tiramisu from Porto’s.

… you can walk to the mailbox and remember the smells of spring mixed in with the scent of night.

… you can imagine what a skein of yarn may become.

… you can finish a knit sweater that’s been awaiting a good wash and warm blocking.

… you can tell three people and one cat “good night”.

… you can collect all the cups and trash around the house.

… you can make extensive plans for the next couple of weeks. *


February Lady Sweater

Dream In Color Classy: Chinatown Apples

Needles: 7’s

Mods: I was working with three lighter skeins and two darker ones so I worked the darker skeins into the yoke and bands. Ended up with about a 1/2 skein. Knit only two button holes, (still looking for the perfect buttons).

* I will be away from this space for at least two weeks. My Dr. has decided I’m a good candidate for ECT and I will be staying at Cedars-Sinai while participating in their inpatient treatment. While I know this is a very controversial treatment I also know that this is something I must do. Prozac, Lithium, Wellbutrin, Celexa, Klonopin, Ativan, Depakote, Seroquel, Geodon, Effexor, Abilify, Navane, Zoloft, Paxil, Remeron… I have tried them all. This is truly my last option. And with the research I have done, there is one thing I have now.


Take care of yourselves until I get back. And thank you, for giving me hope.


19 thoughts on “In One Moment

  1. Beautiful post, as always! And great work on the FLS — love the colorway you chose. DIC is the perfect yarn for that project.

    And all the best in treatment. I’ll be thinking of you — and sending hope as well!


  2. Beautiful sweater AJ!

    Please do take good care of yourself! I will be sending many good thoughts your way that this new treatment works for you and restores your life and health to all that it should be πŸ™‚ Keep us posted! Much love & many hugs…… -M

  3. One moment can be so productive. I love your sweater. I have seen a number of bloggers working on that pattern and it seems that it looks wonderful for most people – must be a really excellent pattern. I really like the color on yours – very spring-like.

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