3:30 In The Morning

The sky is blanketed with a deep velvety blue at this hour. In the distance you can see a blinking red light. An airplane. It coasts in from the North. Where is it going? Where is it coming from? Who are those people that are flying over my little town at that hour?

There are very few lights on at this hour. My living room lets off a pale yellow light. I can only see one other apartment lit at this hour. Why are they still awake? Are they, too, afflicted with insomnia? Or did they merely fall asleep watching late night infomercials and forget to turn off their little lamp?

The apartment creaks. It’s unnoticable when the lights are on. First it’s the dining room wall, then above the guest bathroom, then there’s a slight knock on the sliding glass door. I just washed those. I put the latch on. I lock all the doors. I settle into the microfiber. I automatically search through the dozens of recorded shows. I need to watch them or delete them. I choose to watch them. Seven episodes of Law and Order.

I think of who writes these episodes. Are they conflicted? Do they only see the horrors of the world? Do they stay up til 3:30 in the morning trying to figure out the best way to reach out to the world? Or do they sleep safely in the comfort of their Upper East Side homes, never thinking of how powerful their one hour scripts are?

I think too much at this hour. I do too much. I try to conquer all the household projects that need to be done. There is dirty laundry sitting in the hallway. I stack the newly washed dishes. I match lids to their bowls. I sweep the kitchen from all the crumbs and dust that collects under the lips of each cabinet. I gather toys and think of the little hands that discover them on a daily basis. I check in on the baby and Shawn. They sleep next to each other, mouths slightly open. Their breathing is light and routine. Nothing will disturb them.

I take they yarn into my hands. I smell it. A faint smell of sweet and chemical. I gather my materials. It’s time to finish what I’ve started. And so it begins.




Tulip Cardigan by Dream In Color

Dream In Color Classy: Blue Lagoon and Nightwatch

Size 2, for Scout


6 thoughts on “3:30 In The Morning

  1. This is beautiful! Your writing is beautiful too.

    There are so many times I find myself awake at this hour and I can only make myself worry. Usually I’ll just grab a book to read so that I can shut my mind off.

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