I’ve got the blue-greens

Knitting progress around has been pretty steady. My Foggy Seas Scarf is about sixty percent done, (maybe a little more). I finished Shawn’s Thorpe and afterwards I decided that I should cast on for something else. Afterall, I’ve knit two hats and a pair of socks. If I wanted to I could finish up the Mosey Legwarmers really quick and have four FO’s for 2009. That’s an idea.

But casting on was really getting my fingers itchin’. That’s why I have the blue-greens.


Dream In Color Classy: Blue Lagoon (top) and Nightwatch

Intentions: Tulip Baby Cardigan for Scout, (this will be a two tone cardigan)

Other than that, well life is pretty predictable. One person in the household gets sick and eventually we all do. There is a nice onslaught of rain meaning I can break out the thick socks and knit sweaters. I’ve been guzzling my own little recipe of hot apple cider in hopes that it will heal my throat. Cartoons have been our choice TV shows. All is normal here. Save for the blue-greens.


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