Shawn resisted. Or tried to anyhow. But I persisted. I want a baby, I’d say. You have a baby, he’d say. I want another baby, I’d fire back. At first he said no up and down. Later his answer was only a little one. Then his answer was this:


{ smile}

I’d been looking online for a while. I checked the shelters a dozen times a day, I checked rescues, I checked Craigslist from Los Angeles to San Diego, I checked the Recycler ads on Thursday and perused the Pennysaver ads on Wednesday nights.

And then I saw a picture of this cute little freckle faced pup and her two brothers and two sisters. How could we resist? So we took the hour drive to the middle of nowhere this is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre type countryside drive to visit. We should buy a collar and leash now, Shawn said. We are only going to look, I replied. { He rolls his eyes. }


And here she is all tuckered out. We are still deliberating on names. Shawn likes Sheeba. I think Sheeba is a cat name. She is part Australian Cattle dog and the other part, well I guess we’d have to take her to Maury to find out who the daddy is. She looks a bit Border Collie to me, but time will tell. She doesn’t like being on a leash much but she’s adjusting. She sleeps in between our bed and my nightstand and loves to nap under the coffee table. Dalton doesn’t mind her, maybe because she isn’t the typical get in your face type puppy. Marilyn likes to play with her but doesn’t like getting too close. The jury is out with her.

But they won’t be out long. Our new puppy has been a joyful addition. She makes us laugh and keeps us on our toes. Just like any other baby. Only fuzzy. And drooly.