A Cold Winter’s Day

  • The sky is riddled with dark gray clouds.
  • The wind is howling.
  • Rain is dropping from every direction.
  • The front door creaks as the wind beats against it.
  • The heat is on full blast.
  • There are sweats and heavy socks being worn.
  • The Christmas lights are on.
  • And there is knitting.


Debbie Bliss Cabled Yoke Jacket from Simply Baby.

Yarn: Dream In Color Smooshy Sock in Ring a Ling

Needles: US 6 needles


And a close up:


Overall this was an easy knit. Not very quick with the moss stitch, but very pretty all the same. I hate knitting moss stitch even though the finished product looks great. It’s very time consuming and if you don’t watch carefully you just might end up with ribbing instead of moss stitch. (I know this because it happened a couple of times though it’s happened more often with Shawn’s sweater that has double moss stitch.) The sweater fits Scout perfectly though I still need to add a zipper. I will more than likely work on that today or tomorrow. Knitting seems to be appropriate with the weather being what it is. I love it.


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