Nothing to Say

Some days there just isn’t much to say. We are swinging in the balance, trying to catch up with bills, getting ready for the holidays, taking time to enjoy the seasons changing so abruptly.

Yesterday the purple quilt, (the one I wish to never see again), was finished and packed. I’m glad elated to see it go.


It’s not the quilts fault, (yes it is), but I had trouble from the beginning with it. So now it’s gone and I can breathe a little more deeply.

Last night was spent watching “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” and drinking hot chocolate. I was able to get some cross stitching done, I’m about 75% finished, (not including back stitching since I have no idea how long that may take), and then I rotated with some knitting.

Then this morning I craved something decadent for breakfast, (and I normally don’t eat breakfast, I know bad girl), so I came up with this concoction:


Bagel, cheese, Roma tomatoes, lettuce and bacon. Mmmm, bacon.

I need to get to the market otherwise I’ll have a heart attack eating these daily.


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