Hand in Hand

Snow and wool, they go to other. They are like peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper…you get the idea.

Yesterday we took the kids to the local Literacy Arts festival and they had brought in some snow for the kids to play around in. This was Scout’s first time enjoying the white stuff and she was a pro at throw snowballs at her big brother. I wish we could live near the snow, God do I miss Chicago. But this muddy white slush would have to do, for the time being.


I also had a chance to work on Shawn’s Christmas/Birthday sweater though I didn’t make much progress because I had to frog. And that’s a feat when it’s a 2 x 2 pattern, (not ribbing).


This sweater will keep him warm for those cold days, (you know the, 6 or 7 cold days we get here in Southern California).

I miss the snow.


5 thoughts on “Hand in Hand

  1. Wow – what an amazing photo of your little girl; and how nice to have snow to play in. Boston got her first taste of snow for the season on Sunday. It was just the inspiration I needed to put up my holiday decorations.

  2. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I love that Christmas/Birthday you’re starting! And your daughter is adorable.

    I wish I lived somewhere warm enough to miss Chicago. 🙂

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