Happy Birthday to Me

Nothing is better than a delicious Plusko’s cake for one’s birthday.


This years cake is a chocolate cake with chocolate chip custard filling and chocolate buttercream. And it was heaven! Absolute, unadulterated, sugar filled heaven!

In the midst of cake and presents and birthday wishes I started Verity. I’m using Dream in Color’s Classy in Dusky Aurora and I can see that this will be one of the few hats that I will love and adore. The design is easy, the charts are simple and easy to memorize. I cast on last night around 10 and I’m more than fifty percent done. I need something small and quick to knit for a day that requires much to do.


Turkey is in the oven. Pumpkin pies are already done. There are mashed potatoes to make. Sweet potato casserole to bake. There are rolls to be heated. And gravy. Oh the gravy. I am excited that my birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day. It’s the one day of the year that I’m not obligated to cook. My mom is. And she’s doing a great job.

Thanks to so many of you who messaged me here and on Ravelry and emailed me such nice birthday wishes. Happy Thanksgiving.


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