People who are bipolar do something that is called “cycling”. Essentially what this means is that bipolar people tend to go from a high to a low in regards to their moods. Some people have these dips once a month or longer. I have what you call “rapid cycling” which, as the name implies, my cycling comes in quick spurts. I can be happy one second and the next depressed. I can be creative one second and drop dead tired the next. But the cycling also appears in my projects. I’ve jumped from one thing to the next according to my moods. One second I might want to stand up and start cutting fabrics for a quilt. Other times I just want to sit and stitch tiny little x’s over and over.


Day Three

Saturday I spent time counting 7 oz. of size 15 seed beads. Yes, that summed up my class. I didn’t finish. No one finished. But I’ve been taking a moment or two working with these tiresome little beads.


And those other moments I enjoy rocking in my new, but old, rocking chair that Jem found for me. (He knew I always wanted a rocking chair.)


And for the late night moments like today, my cycling eases. I can listen to the rain. Almost feel the drops through the tiny screen. I can listen to the sploosh and splash of the cars down the highway. I don’t know what the doctors would call a no cycling symptom. But gosh it feels good.


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